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1×1 of Real Madrid: Isco, Kroos and Modric, lampless geniuses

first_imgCourtoisAlmost a Saudi viewer more. His first notable stop was in the 75th minute. Madrid protected him by playing almost a continuous round of half of the Valencian field. Little did put in the 1-3 of Parejo of penalty in the 93 ‘.CarvajalHe was not surprised by Gayà and although it was not a particularly offensive day that of Leganense, Madrid did not need it either.BouquetsWithout Rodrigo’s threat, he barely had a job with Gameiro. He ended up in the area trying his little goal and his was the involuntary hand of the penalty. You can afford it, direct the strongest defense in Madrid in the last two decades.VaraneHe is very fine physically and mentally grown, so he no longer offers gaps. Before Valencia, elegance and practicality. One of the sweetest moments of his career.MendyWithout stridence, well in defense as it is usual but not very decisive when it goes deep. Their centers still suspend. He left his place to Marcelo in the 70 ‘.CasemiroHe did not have to suffer with Ferran behind him and offered his control football with the usual mastery. Placid night for him in Jeddah.KroosHe won the intelligence and aiming contest with his Olympic goal. Jaume Domènech is not going to forget to cover a stick in a corner again. Kroos barely celebrated his work of art, that’s one hundred percent German …Valverde It does not regulate or save a drop of sweat. It moved between Parejo and Kondogbia like a jet plane. It is immovable of the eleven.IscoHis was the 0-2 with mischief and it was the genius who left the lamp the rest of the game. Inside, out, on the edge of the area or moving the ball, it was ubiquitous. When it is in genius mode and it is believed, it is unquestionably owned material with Madrid and La Roja.ModricSaudi fans will be able to say that they saw in person one of the last great goals of the little Croatian violinist. That much with the outside was of postcard. At times midpoint and almost second striker, he liked it as if he was fifteen years younger. Plethoric.JovicHis style and Benzema’s can not be more antagonistic and it shows that the white team is accustomed to French. It was an islet in Jeddah. Zidane asks for patience with the Bosnian Serbo, but Jovic’s face on the bench gave away that he knew he had lost a chance of pure gold.MarceloZidane gave him the last twenty minutes and took a thunderous ovation from King Abdullah.JamesThe last quarter of an hour was his after two months of leave due to injury. And it gave him time to have an occasion, after two good caracoleos, in 84 ‘. The Colombian will have to sweat a lot to make a dent in this Madrid that goes on wheels.MarianoThe 0-3 made Zizou give him a gift from Reyes three days late. He left in the 80 ‘in what have been his first minutes of the season.last_img read more

Barbie also plays football

first_imgAFP ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>AFP Women’s football does not stop growing and that implies that the big commercial brands want to be linked to it. The last great corporation has been Mattel, who has not hesitated to give a football identity to the Barbie and for that he noticed Amadine Henry, midfielder of Lyon Posing fun with the doll.last_img

The AFC’s fortune seekers

first_imgDear Editor,Every reasonable-minded Guyanese must now admit that the Alliance for Change’s leadership comprise a band of fortune seekers and desperados, not unlike the buccaneers, pirates, and privateers who once roamed, rampaged, pillaged, and plundered the seas of the Caribbean.The high echelon of the AFC has lost sight of the founding principles which were enshrined in its Constitution and had been the dominant force which drove many persons to move away from the PPP and the PNC— especially the PPP— in their quest for a third force which has the capability to forever change the political landscape of Guyana. Unfortunately, this was never to be, and sadly, will never be.In the second edition of the Alliance for Change’s Action Plan, Mr Khemraj Ramjattan, now leader again, had declared to Guyanese that “The Alliance for Change is the key for Guyana, the key to unlock us from the divisive racial politics of the past, from the corruption that engulfs us, from the oppressive taxes we are forced to pay, from the deadly crime that haunts and traumatises us, from the economic decline, and from the hopelessness that we breathe daily”.Today, this same man is the second Vice President for Guyana and the Minister of Public Security and this declaration should now be read thus, “the AFC is the key which has locked us into divisive racial politics, locked us into unprecedented spiralling corruption, locked us into a multitude of extremely oppressive and retrogressive taxes, locked us into spiralling deadly crimes which are traumatising us daily, and locked us into an airtight compartment of hopelessness”. Things have changed drastically-for the worse!Similar sentiments were expressed by Mr Raphael Trotman and he added underdevelopment, nepotism, pettiness to the AFC’s arsenal. He had warned that unless there was change, then there will be “five more years of higher taxation, higher unemployment, soaring crimes and widespread hopelessness”. Anyone reading this today will have to admit that both Trotman and Ramjattan are speaking about what is happening currently under this coalition Government and had resulted in a successful no-confidence against them. The Alliance for Change had made a series of ‘wrong turns’ and closely embraced every single issue that they had vowed to fight against and change.The Alliance for Change is one of the architects and bears full responsibility for the dismissal of more than 30,000 persons, including more than 7,000 sugar workers. Both Ramjattan and Nagamootoo presided, aided and abetted the demise of the sugar workers in Region 6, Wales and Enmore.It is a crying shame that both Nagamootoo and Ramjattan belonged to rural farming communities. Nagamootoo had once acclaimed himself as the ‘champion of the sugar workers’ who had once ignited candles on their behalf. He would later vulgarly label the sugar workers ‘raiders of the Treasury’, whilst Ramjattan blamed them for ‘eating’ the resources which could have used to make better prisons and pay public servants. Such callousness and insensitivity from two persons, who had once begged the support of the sugar workers and promised them 20% as soon as they were elected to Government. Four years after and NOT even 20 cents increased, in fact, many were dismissed and many hard-fought benefits were snatched away from them.Not to be outdone, Minister Trotman has made tremendous ‘blunders’ with the EXXON deal which reeked of corruption with this nation losing whatever windfall would have accrued from the massive discovery of oil. His gimmicks and excuses have become not only unbearable, but unacceptable to the average Guyanese. Even the US$18 million signing bonus only recently surfaced more than three years after! Guyanese will have to continue to live as third class citizens because of his ‘blunders’. This man had spoken about ‘underdevelopment’ but his wilful acts and omissions have done nothing to take Guyanese out of our vicious circle of poverty and underdevelopment.Moreover, the Public Infrastructure Minister seems to be having a rough time to determine WHO IS NOT CORRUPT within his Ministry. Cronyism and corruption are devouring his Ministry, starting from himself. It is corruption from the ‘base to the pinnacle’ within his Ministry. From the tender process to the certification of substandard work, there is a trail of corruption. He, himself, cannot rid from the stench of corruption, be it when you landed at CJIA, when you travel along the highway, when you cross the Demerara Harbour Bridge or when you sit at Durban Park to witness a spectacle involving the waste of taxpayers’ dollars!Then, there is the conflict of interest scenario involving the Minister of Public Communications, Ms Catherine Hughes and her company, Videomega Productions. Pleading ignorance does nothing to eradicate the nauseating stench of corruption which emanates from the numerous contracts awarded to her company.It must be noted that shortly after May 2015, the AFC has become increasingly tone deaf to corruption and gave its approval to all the corruption issues mentioned above, making it abundantly clear that the AFC ministers and those within the coalition Government only intend on securing the ‘good life’ for themselves, cronies and families. Not to be outdone, the junior AFC appointees and within the Government, the National Executive members, and even the little fries, have also displayed a huge appetite for corruption.Today, the leadership of the Alliance for Change is no longer secretive about the fact that they are only interested in remaining as the ‘scrap dealers’ in the coalition Government and they are even willing to engage in open internal dog fights for the anticipated scraps which they hoped will be flung in their direction should they ever get back in power— an eventuality which will never happen!Yours sincerely,Haseef YusufRDC Councillor Region 6last_img read more

Can you believe this? Fan calls Tottenham’s Eric Dier ‘Kieron Dyer’ and gets owned by Stan Collymore on talkSPORT

first_imgThis is one of the most entertaining calls we’ve had on talkSPORT so far this season!After commentating on Tottenham’s 1-0 win at Sunderland for talkSPORT, Stan Collymore stayed on at the Stadium of Light to host his Call Collymore show, when ‘Graham from North Devon’ phoned in to have a go at him.We’re not sure exactly what Graham’s main point was, but he did turn out to be very entertaining.Listen to the clip above to hear him refer to Tottenham’s man of the match as former Ipswich, Newcastle and West Ham man ‘Kieron Dyer’ and check out how Stan expertly deals with his meandering chat!TO LISTEN TO THE WORLD’S BIGGEST SPORTS RADIO STATION, TALKSPORT, CLICK HERElast_img

Neil Warnock reveals Cardiff City’s pre-season plans to talkSPORT

first_imgNeil Warnock has revealed Cardiff City’s pre-season plans exclusively to talkSPORT.The Bluebirds won promotion from the Championship by finishing second in 2017/18, so next season they will be playing Premier League football for just the second time in their history.Although his squad are currently on holiday, Warnock has already worked out his plans for pre-season as he prepares to manage in the top flight for the first time since December 2014, when he was sacked by Crystal Palace.Speaking to talkSPORT, Warnock revealed: “People said to be ‘are you going to the Far East or America?’… I said ‘no no, we’re going to Cornwall.“I have a nice week at home, we have two or three local games. In this case we are probably having five or six with the whole Under-23 squad as well.“We stay at St Mellion, which is a lovely golf resort, and the fans come down in their numbers in caravans and tents for the week. It’s a super week; it’s great for the autograph hunters and we really train well down here.“We’ve got a nice game against a Spanish team a week before the season starts that we’re going to announce shortly, and we’re going to play a couple of clubs further up north as well.“It’s a mixture, but it should be enjoyable for our fans.”Warnock did admit he wanted a friendly against either Celtic, the Scottish champions, or their Old Firm rivals Rangers.“I spoke to Brendan, but they start quite a bit earlier [than us]. With Celtic we were going to play them the first week we were back in training, but it was a bit too much.“And Rangers, they don’t know which part of the European [qualifying] rounds [they’ll be in].“If it went the other way [much earlier], we’d end up playing a reserve team. It wasn’t worth the gamble really; I though let’s just get on with it.last_img read more

House price growth stalls in September

first_imgBuilding activity subdued The slowdown in house price growth runs parallel with the weakening SA economy. GDP growth slowed to 1.3% in the second quarter of 2011, down from 4.5% in the first quarter. The report said that building activity remained subdued, with house price growth likely to follow suit. The value of residential buildings completed (in real terms) for the period January to July 2011 fell by 7.4%, from the corresponding period in 2010. Residential contractors, as surveyed by the Bureau of Economic Research, suffered a fall in business confidence, to 20 index points in quarter three, from 24 index points in the second quarter. Household disposable income Standard Bank’s median house price posted a growth rate of 0.6% in September as compared to the same period last year, down from 1.6% in August. Growth in real terms remains negative. House price growth slowed to a crawl in September according to a report by Standard Bank. This slowdown was mirrored by real household consumption expenditure growth decelerating to 3.8% in the second quarter, down from a robust 5.2% in the first quarter. Growth in total credit extension to households eased to 5.2% in August, from 6.6% in July. Growth in mortgage advances mirrored this decline, registering 1.6% in August, from 3% in July. The bank said that household credit growth remained muted despite a historically low interest rate environment. Sapa Standard Bank said that household consumption was undermined by receding real income growth and the sluggish SA labour market. Growth in household disposable income slowed to 4.1% in the second quarter of this year, down from 5.4% in the first quarter. The combination of household disposable income growth and historically low nominal interest rates has contributed to the slight improvement in the ratio of household debt to disposable income, to 75.9% in the second quarter of the year, from 76.8% in the first. 13 October 2011 However, households continue to carry a sizeable debt burden, with the household debt to income ratio in the second quarter not significantly different from its 2008 peak of 82%.last_img read more

12 recommendations for the mind, body and soul while geocaching

first_imgGeocaching offers an abundance of improvements to your overall mind, body, and soul. Oftentimes we are so focused on finding the geocache, that we don’t take a step back to realize all the health benefits. Feel re-energized, inspired, and motivated to find the next geocache with these 12 recommendations. Share geocaching with a stranger. Human connection brings us all closer together, and what better way to connect with others than to share your favorite hobby? If you notice someone giving you a questionable look as your search under a park bench (we’ve all been there), smile and simply explain what you’re doing. Chances are, you’ll inspire someone else to go on an adventure. Give back to Mother Earth. Before heading out to find a cache, grab a trash bag and pick up litter on your route. Cleaning up along the trail is just one of the many ways we can give back to our stunning game board. Feeling like you want to take this to the next level? Attend a nearby CITO (Cache in Trash Out®) event.Take on a new hobby. Have you been craving to try something new? Biking, boating, and snowshoeing are all fun and innovative ways you can get to a geocache. If that’s not your style, consider combining geocaching with photography, botany, or birdwatching to switch it up!Use your brain. Mystery Caches are a great way to increase brain activity. Studies have shown that keeping the mind active with mind-flexing activities like puzzles can lead to a longer life expectancy, better quality of life, and reduce our chances of developing certain typeSweat. Endorphins, weight loss, increased energy, stronger bones, and muscles are some of the many great benefits of exercising. If a grab‘n’go doesn’t make you sweat, hike to a T4/T5 geocache. Or, find a geocache that is difficult but still accessible with handicaching. Pack a healthy snack. It’s so easy to grab a sugary snack bar or a can of soda before your cache outing, but healthy snacks will keep your energy lasting longer. Some healthy and tasty recommendations include carrot sticks, peanut butter and apples, and nuts. Listen to music. There’s nothing better than turning up your favorite jam and looking for a geocache. According to a Harvard study, there are many benefits to listening to music including mood lifts, stress reduction, and increased mental awareness. Need some help getting started? Here are our top 10 favorite geocaching songs. Bring an extra bottle of water. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Your body uses water for everything including temperature regulation and maintaining bodily functions. Because your body loses water when you increase your heart rate, it’s important to drink extra fluids while geocaching.Invite a loved one with you. Spending extra time with family and loved ones is a great way to increase your happiness level. Next time you’re considering finding a geocache solo, invite someone you love to go along for the experience.  Leave something extra special inside a geocache. Surprise! Bring a smile to another geocacher’s face by leaving an extra special piece of swag inside a geocache. Some fun ideas include gift cards, a cool hat, or something unique and handmade. Journal afterwards. In addition to writing an epic log, jot down some notes in a journal to reflect on your experience. What did you see? Who did you encounter? How did you feel afterwards? Just breathe. Choose a geocache in a quiet, peaceful location. After signing the logbook, take five minutes to sit in silence with your eyes closed and breathe. Appreciate the beautiful surroundings, the adventure you just went on, and the pure magic of being outside. What other recommendations do you have? Share them in the comments below!Share with your Friends:More SharePrint RelatedGetting warmer… — Fire and Ice (GC4TXB2) — Geocache of the WeekJanuary 8, 2015In “Geocache of the Week”Geocaching in Harmony with Nature (Part 2)November 23, 2013In “Community”Padlocks, RFID chips, and secret briefcases: an interview with a geocaching maniacMarch 12, 2019In “Geocaching Weekly Newsletter”last_img read more

14 Proven Ways to Save Money on Groceries: Part 1

first_imgBy Carol ChurchWhen it comes to saving money, almost every family looking to pinch a penny or two eventually ends up looking at their grocery bill. Food costs take a substantial bite out of our budgets—about 12-13% of our spending in a year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. (If you’re wondering what takes the biggest chunk—about 31%–it’s housing.)What’s a reasonable or average weekly grocery bill? A great deal will depend on where you live and how you choose to eat. However, the USDA, basing its amounts on national research, estimates that a thrifty family of four (two adults, two school-aged children) can get by on about $150/week for groceries, while a family willing to be a bit more generous might spend closer to $300. It’s important to note that fresher, healthier foods like lean meats, dairy and fresh produce often do tend to cost somewhat more than empty calories like refined starch and snack foods. This can create a difficult situation for some families who are on a tight budget. But in the end, the ”cost” of eating less healthy foods can be high for our health.MonkeyBusiness Images/PhotospinSo how can families who want to trim their food budgets cut back? While there are many possibilities, at least a few of the options below are likely to work for most people. One exciting new update to the old story of food budgeting involves the many new apps being developed to help shoppers save, track prices, and find deals. Although these innovations may have some downsides, many may find them surprisingly helpful. Read on to find ideas that can work for a variety of families and budgets.Know where to look—and where not to. Essentials like meat, dairy, and produce tend to be placed on the outside perimeter of the grocery store, but the retailer is hoping you’ll trudge through every aisle, picking up nonessentials along the way. Try not to if you don’t have to! Another “location” tip: often, the least cost-effective items are placed at eye level, while generics or bargain items are on top and bottom shelves. Look up, and stoop down.Go meatless. Not all the time, of course (unless that’s your thing) but occasionally—maybe once or even twice a week. Meatless meals based around beans, eggs, nuts, and cheese are not only less expensive, but typically better for you. To find easy, family-friendly recipes, search the web and social media for “meatless Monday.”Buy in bulk. Most of us are aware of the potential savings when buying in bulk at retailers like BJ’s, Costco and Sam’s Club. (These retailers also typically offer a military discount on their memberships.) If you have the space and the ability pay more up front, you’re likely to save on a cost per item or per ounce basis. (Of course, be sure you’re buying items that you’ll actually use.) But another way to save by buying in bulk is by taking advantage of retailers who offer unpackaged bulk goods such as beans, grains, and spices, which can be exponentially cheaper per pound than those offered prepackaged. And of course, the time-honored practice of stocking up when a favorite staple is on sale has served families well for generations.Be thoughtful about prepared foods. Most of us know full well that prepared foods can be a budget killer at the grocery store, whether we’re talking about frozen entrees or those pre-prepped “salads in a bag.” As a general rule, budget-minded shoppers would do well to avoid these. However, there may be a time and place for these items in a thoughtful budget. For instance, my family keeps a few quick frozen entrees on hand at all times for these nights when everything goes sideways and we’d otherwise get takeout, fast food, or a pizza. While these items are not cheap, they are cheaper than that alternative.Don’t forget the commissary! Of course, most service members living close to or on a base are likely to be well aware of the cost savings available at commissaries, which can be substantial, especially considering the lack of tax. However, the lack of generic brands at commissaries does sometimes reduce savings.Don’t buy toiletries and nonfood items at the grocery store. While it’s convenient to buy toiletries, paper good, diapers, and so on at the grocery store, it’s typical to find much better prices at drugstores, big box stores, or even online. The Subscribe and Save feature of Amazon may offer convenience and savings for items purchased over and over. Look into WIC qualification rules. It may be surprising to learn, but some military families, especially those with many children and only one lower-income wage-earner, do qualify for WIC, the government’s supplemental food assistance program for pregnant women and families with young children. WIC provides families with healthy groceries like milk, meat, peanut butter, and fruits and vegetables, and it’s much easier to qualify for than more other government assistance programs. More about WIC.Finally: don’t shop hungry! I’ve been known to buy some truly crazy stuff after heading into the grocery store while starving for supper. If this describes you, it might be wise to just stop off and buy a small snack first to avoid nonsense purchases.In part 2 of this series, we’ll clue you in to some of the great new apps and technology available today to help us save money on grocery shopping. Stay tuned!References:USDA. (2016). Official USDA Food Plans: Cost of Food at Home at Four Levels, U.S. Average, November 2016.Hellmich, N. (2013). Cost of feeding a family of four: $146 to $289 a week.last_img read more

A Choice of Two Stories

first_imgTwo people can have the same experience and interpret it differently. Each of the stories they tell themselves and others about their experience can be wildly different, even if the general facts are indistinguishable. They are choosing between two frames, and the results that naturally follow.The Circumstances of Your BirthTwo people could have shared similar circumstances of birth, little money or means, lousy neighborhood, and difficult family situations. For one person, this story is the reason they can’t be more, do more, have more, and contribute more. For the other, that same story is the source of their motivation.One person struggled to finish high school and had a single year of high school and now tells themselves and others this story to explain why they struggle now. Another tells the story about how hard they worked to gain the skills and experience necessary to build the life they want—putting themselves through college while working.What It Means to YouIt’s possible you might tell yourself and others the story about some circumstance that surely must prevent and preclude you from being something more, doing something more, having something more, or contributing something more, but the evidence against this idea is stacked so high it blocks out the Sun. There are people who right now who have framed the story different from you, whether it’s the story you tell about your beginning, the story you tell about what went wrong, or the one about the person or persons who prevent your success or happiness.Two days ago, David drove me to the airport in Tampa. I was not quite capable of identifying the place of his birth, and when I asked, he said: “I am from Cuba.” I followed by asking him how he got here, and he replied: “The same way everyone else from Cuba did, on a raft. I was scared.” The circumstances of his birth located him 90 miles or so away from Florida in the wrong direction. David is 61 years old and made that journey only ten years ago. He said, “They start washing your brain in grade school. They tell you the United States is the reason Cuba has so much trouble. I lived on $25 a month there and owned nothing, and now I own a house, I own this car, my third, and I send money back to help my family. America is the greatest country in the world, but you don’t appreciate it.”What courage it must take to float across 90 miles of the Atlantic Ocean with no certainty you will make it or be allowed to stay. What I know for sure is that the story you tell yourself and others is true for you—even if someone else shares the same facts and tells a very different story.Something is the reason you can’t, or it is the reason you must, and you are the only one who determines which of those is true for you. Get the Free eBook! Learn how to sell without a sales manager. Download my free eBook! You need to make sales. You need help now. We’ve got you covered. This eBook will help you Seize Your Sales Destiny, with or without a manager. Download Nowlast_img read more