Suárez-dependence in Barça away from Camp Nou

first_imgThus, Suarez scored a goal in the victory 0-2 from Getafe after one ‘assistance’ by Ter Stegen; it was basic in the comeback in Leganés, where Barça won 1-2 thanks among other things to somewhat Uruguayan and also actively participated in the 0-3 from Eibar. When you have not marked, has been able to attend. Made screen for Messi in the Wanda 0-1 goal. The Argentine, after exceptional driving, relied very well on the Uruguayan to beat Oblak. In Liga, Suarez had a very prominent paper also in some draws In the 2-2 of AnoetaHe attended Griezmann for 1-1 and advanced to Barça after a pass from Messi that left him facing goal. Y against Espanyol, made a Golazo center of Alba and gave another spectacular pass to Arturo Vidal. In Champions, his participation was also decisive in Prague (He participated in the 1-2 that was granted at his own door) and in Milan, assisting Ansu in a similar way to Messi in the Wanda for 1-2. The Barca has had certain Suárez-dependence this season out of home. The Uruguayan is a player with whom you can go to war, especially outside Camp Nou. Have spirit and prints character to the team. his absence is noted. So much that, a journey through the statistics of the course discover that in all the games that Barça have won out this season, Suárez has been participation. Newly operated of the right knee for the second time in two years, the lesion of Suarez makes a tremendous damage to Barça. It is not only his figures, that also (until his injury, he had participated in 41% of Barça’s goals). It is your job to make Messi happier in the grass and open corridors that now the Argentine will have to find in other places and with the help of other colleagues. Suárez is not expected until May. We’ll see if it’s late or not for Barça.last_img