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McAnuff eyes good result in Costa Rica

first_imgAttack-minded midfielder Joel ‘Jobi’ McAnuff, who missed an easy scoring chance for the Reggae Boyz in their 1-1 draw with Costa Rica at the National Stadium on Friday night, says he wants to make amends in their return CONCACAF semi-final round World Cup Qualifier in San Jose on Tuesday.The England-based McAnuff, one of the most influential players for Jamaica, especially in the first 45 minutes of Friday’s game, collected a fine defence-splitting pass, but sent his shot high and failed to trouble the Costa Rica goalkeeper.little disappointed”Yeah, I just probably tried to put a little bit too much power into it rather than placing it and I am a little disappointed that I did not put that into the back of goal,” he told journalists after the game.McAnuff, however, stressed that everyone gave 100 per cent during the game and the Reggae Boyz had chances to win the game.”We played them (Costa Rica) in the Gold Cup and we should have won that as well. We need to turn the ‘should haves’ into wins, and we believe we can do that,” he said.Historically, Jamaica’s Reggae Boyz have it all to do in San Jose as they have never beaten Costa Rica at home, but McAnuff said they will fight to win on Tuesday.”The group is getting stronger and we responded well to the goal on Friday. Maybe, in years gone by, we would have gone under and lost the game, but we held on and really made sure we were playing up in their half towards the end.”We are going to be right there to the end and get the points we need,” he stressed.Jamaica are third in the four-team group with four points. Costa Rica lead with seven while Panama, also on four points, are ahead of Jamaica on goal difference. Haiti are at the bottom of the group on a point. Only the top two teams will advance to the final round.last_img read more

Science Under the Microscope Looks Infected

first_imgSurgical changes are coming in scientific institutions and methods, due to chronic maladies coming to light.Warning: the following news items may be disturbing to those raised on scientism (the belief that science is the only objective way to generate knowledge). Others thinking the “scientific method” is an unchanging process may also be adversely affected by news of what is going on.Tradition is like a hot bath; a person gets in, becomes accustomed to the temperature and touch, relaxes, and stops thinking. That’s good sometimes, but science is about thinking. Its rationale is to observe phenomena and think about causes that produce them. It’s about testing and sharing results. Scientists have been engaged in these traditions for centuries. The “scientific method” has been refined to a science itself: observe, make a hypothesis, test, publish in peer-reviewed journal. Why break tradition?There is a science of science, called philosophy of science. Some philosophers of science realize that every aspect of the “scientific method” incurs bias. There are even disputes about what is meant by common scientific terms, such as law of nature, evidence, and explanation. But those are just quibbles about details, aren’t they? If they were, then we would not see headlines like this.cartoon by Brett MillerStudy finds scientific reproducibility does not equate to scientific truth (Phys.org). What a shock! A key rationale for the superiority of scientific knowledge has been reproducibility. As we have reported for a few years now, though, many scientific results are not reproducible—especially in psychology and other social sciences.Reproducible scientific results are not always true and true scientific results are not always reproducible, according to a mathematical model produced by University of Idaho researchers. Their study, which simulates the search for that scientific truth, will be published Wednesday, May 15, in the journal PLOS ONE. Independent confirmation of scientific results—known as reproducibility—lends credibility to a researcher’s conclusion. But researchers have found the results of many well-known science experiments cannot be reproduced, an issue referred to as a “replication crisis.”The article ends, “Insisting on reproducibility as the only criterion might have undesirable consequences for scientific progress.” What? Is that a post-hoc rationalization for the failure of reproducibility? Readers may wish to scour the open-access journal article to see the reasoning behind that! We don’t want to slow down the advance of science by too difficult a criterion, do we? Or is relaxing the reproducibility criterion a recipe for multiplying fake science? The play’s the thing. Onward to discover more and more things that may not be so!Facing Plan S, publishers may set papers free (Science Magazine). A major revolution in scientific publishing is going on. The journals are running scared. Safe behind high-priced subscriptions, journals were able to filter what was deemed “legitimate” science. They could even control peer review. Now, the trend toward preprints and open access is accelerating. Preprints allow scientists to publish their ideas and findings online before peer review! Open access forces journals to make their articles visible to the public online for free. Did you know this?Plan S, the funder-backed scheme to require free online access to scientific literature, aims to shake up the subscription journals that have long dominated scholarly publishing. Now, some publishers are considering an approach they hope will both comply with the plan and maintain their subscription income: allowing authors to post manuscripts in public archives as soon as their papers are published.Paywalls may become a thing of the past. The justification for preprints and open access is that taxpayers who funded research should have access to it without having to pay a second time. Journal editors are scrambling to safeguard their incomes by justifying the “value added” that subscribers get. These trends are radically changing the old peer review model and, consequently, the very meaning of peer review itself. No more will good-old-boys clubs be able to censor a maverick’s ideas. No more will an anonymous peer reviewer be able to steal or block the ideas of his rival. The democratization of science is trending! —which, of course, calls in to doubt whether the old method was even superior to begin with.Springer Nature journals unify their policy to encourage preprint sharing (Nature). Like the fable of the Senator noticing which way the crowd is moving, then running ahead of them and telling them he is their leader, the Springer-Nature publishing goliath is telling their rivals, “Hey, we’re all for this new trend!” In physics and astronomy, Cornell’s arXiv server has a long record of success in preprints. This past year, Cold Spring Harbor’s bioRxiv server started posting preprints for biologists. Noticing their success, Springer-Nature wants to become drum major for the bandwagon, showing the crowd they were for it all along!For more than two decades, Nature and its sister journals have supported pre-publication sharing of manuscripts on preprint servers. Nature’s first editorial on this goes back to 1997 — although, back then, the practice was common only among physicists. By making early research findings accessible quickly and easily, preprints allow researchers to claim priority of discovery, receive community input and demonstrate evidence of progress for funders and others.Recognizing these benefits, we are now pleased to announce an updated policy encouraging preprint sharing for Springer Nature journals.The times, they are a-changing. On the sad side, people may become aware that science is not the rock-solid edifice of reliability its reputation has claimed. On the bright side, more people will be able to watch the sausage-making progress, taste the product, and discern who does it best.Because science is mediated by fallible humans, it is inherently fallible. Someone quipped, “It is impossible to make anything foolproof, because fools are so ingenious.” Much science is reliable, and is as impartially done as humanly possible. That goes for non-controversial subjects that are observable, testable, and repeatable. Other research that grabs the “science” label and runs with it, especially unobservable, untestable and non-reproducible research about the past (like Darwinism), should come with an FDA warning, “The claims made in this paper may be worldview-biased and unreliable.” Caveat emptor. (Visited 407 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Play Your Part TV Series is back

first_imgWhen South Africa celebrated 20 years of democracy in 2014, a TV series titled Play Your Part was aired on SABC 2. It aimed to inspire South Africans to make a difference in their communities. The TV series will return in August 2017.Prolific kwaito artist and Play Your Part ambassador, Kabelo Mabalane, will host the third season of the Play Your Part TV series. (Image: Shout SA)Hosted by Play Your Part Ambassador, Kabelo Mabalane, the exciting series aimed to inspire South Africans to take action and make a difference in their communities.Brand South Africa looks forward to showcasing and promoting the spirit of active citizenship and nation building in South Africa, as well as to inspire and empower viewers to play their part and get involved.last_img

South Africa launches new industrial policy

first_img8 May 2015The seventh issue of the Department of Trade and Industry’s Industrial Policy Action Plan (Ipap), launched on 7 May, highlights the development of a specific support framework for black industrialists.In terms of Ipap 2015, the Black Industrialists Development Programme will be established over the coming year. It will be aimed at promoting industrialisation, sustainable economic growth and transformation through the support of black- owned entities in the mainstream of the South African manufacturing industry and related manufacturing sectors.Briefing reporters at the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) in Johannesburg at the launch, Minister Rob Davies said the government would focus on the programme. “If we are focusing on the manufacturing sector we need to ensure that the manufacturing sector becomes much more representative of the demographics of our people, but more importantly that the manufacturing sector benefits from the available pool of talent from the country and the population as a whole.”In March, the department said it would avail R1-billion in support of the programme with the initial aim being to support 100 black industrialists. “Becoming an industrialist is not an easy task. It requires passion and a skills set and capabilities. What we are going to be doing is we are focusing on a particular programme which will identify and support black industrialists,” Davies said on Thursday.Access to finance and marketsAccording to the document, the programme envisages implementing key measures such as access to finance, access to markets, skills development, standards, quality and productivity improvements by black manufacturing companies.Recommendations from commissions reporting back at the Black Industrialists Indaba held in March included that a committee comprising the government, the private sector and co-opted experts be established to explore more ways to accelerate the implementation of the programme. It was also agreed that the Preferential Public Procurement Act be reviewed and that the setting of the black majority threshold be at 75% for companies qualifying for the programme.Skills development will be placed at the core of the programme.The IPAP said that in the 2015/16 year, the programme would be designed, developed and structured. According to the document, the development of the programme would be overseen by the Department of Trade and Industry as the lead, with supporting agencies such as the IDC and the Development Bank of Southern Africa.Industrialisation in historyDavies also said the manufacturing sector played an important role in South Africa’s economy. “The manufacturing sector and value addition remain critical objectives of achieving the kinds of structural changes that are necessary to place our economy on a higher level of more inclusive growth.”History had shown that industrialisation was a necessity. “The lessons that we’ve drawn and which is also the common understanding of the African continent, is that industrialisation is necessary because if we don’t industrialise we are trapped in the most disadvantageous place in the global division of labour as producers and exporters of primary products and as importers of finished goods.“That is the most disadvantageous position to be in because the real value in value chains lies in the parts that take place after the delivery of the primary materials.”An important sub-theme that formed part of radical economic transformation, he said, was that the government was expected to increase the impact of industrial policy measures.“This Ipap also represents our intent to progressively upscale our industrial policy. What is clear to all of us is that this economy has not had sufficiently fast inclusive economic growth, [gross domestic product] growth has not been high enough and the growth that we’ve had has not been inclusive enough to place us in a position where we can see a significant dent in the levels of poverty, inequality and unemployment in our country,” Davies explained.The target in the Medium Term Strategic Framework was for 5% of inclusive growth to have been delivered by the end of this term in government. The latest Ipap, as well as previous iterations, indicated the actions that different government entities needed to carry out to support industrialisation.“What we are doing is that we are creating an environment,” said Davies. “We are creating a support package of measures; we are creating a defensive framework that will allow manufacturing activities to flourish in South Africa. That’s what it’s about.”A total of 3 384 private sector enterprises across all provinces were provided with incentive and other support in 2014 to the value of R13.6-billion.The chairman of the Manufacturing Circle, Bruce Strong, welcomed the Ipap, saying that South Africa’s growth was tied to the health of manufacturing.Source: SAnews.govlast_img read more

Google to provide real time Kolkata bus information

first_imgCommuters in the city will be able to get real time bus information in Google maps from Monday.“This is the first launch of real-time transit information for Google Maps in India from today,” a Google statement said here today.Google has teamed up with West Bengal Transport Corporation (WBTC) to add real-time information about bus arrival times for Kolkata on Google Maps, making it easier for people to plan their trips.This service is currently enabled for key WBTC transit routes and is scheduled to be expanded to the remaining routes in the future.“This is yet another attempt to bring smart public transport to Kolkata and to improve the performance of WBTC. We are committed to improve public transport,” state Transport Minister Subhendu Adhikari said.“By sharing the real-time transit information of our buses with Google Maps, we are striving to deliver an enhanced level of service for our commuters. We expect this to help increase the footfall in our buses and improve revenue realisation,” WBTC managing director N S Nigam said.The West Bengal government has already introduced ’Pathadisha’ app of state-run buses in association with World Bank and Korea’s Green Growth fund as development partners.The app allows viewing of real time movement of buses of a location in a map. However, the app is facing bandwidth issues.last_img read more

Security guards get minimum wages after legal action

first_imgEight security guards working at a public sector undertaking in Rajasthan’s Hanumangarh district, who were not getting minimum wages despite their long duty hours and overtime, have received arrears for one year following the intervention of the District Legal Services Authority.The contractor who had hired the guards for security and surveillance duties at the District Milk Producers’ Cooperative Federation Limited paid them the arrears of wages to the tune of ₹2.48 lakh on Monday. He was earlier paying them ₹170 a day instead of the daily minimum wages of ₹197 fixed by the State government.The security guards came to know of their legal rights when the Legal Services Authority organised a legal literacy camp on the federation’s premises on May Day this year. Legal experts explained the laws for labourers’ protection and provided details of the State government’s welfare schemes for labourers on the occasion.Illegal actTwo days after the camp, one of the security guards, Lakshman Singh, went to the authority’s office and informed the officers there that he and his colleagues were being paid an amount less than the minimum wages. “Moreover, the contractor was forcing them to sign in his register on a higher amount of money, which was clearly an illegal act,” the Legal Services Authority’s Secretary Asha Chaudhary said.When Ms. Chaudhary sought an explanation from the federation’s managing director, he wrote back that full wages were being paid to the security guards. Not satisfied with his reply as the guards had produced papers to prove their case, Ms. Chaudhary wrote back to the MD, asking him to probe into the case.Following the inquiry, contractor Gajendra Singh came to the authority’s office and offered full wages and arrears for the period between May 2016 and April 2017 to the security guards, while admitting his mistake. The guards were Lakshman Singh, Naib Singh, Dharam Singh, Kana Ram, Bhagwan Singh, Indra Dev, Mukhesh Kumar and Dalip Kumar.last_img read more

12 Indians for Sri Lankan Premier League: report

first_imgAs many as 12 Indian cricketers, including the likes of Munaf Patel and Ravichandran Ashwin, are expected to feature in the first edition of the Sri Lankan Premier League (SLPL) scheduled to commence from July 19.According to a report in islandcricket.com, Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) has secured the services of several prominent overseas cricketers, including Chris Gayle and Kieron Pollard, who are currently engaged in the Indian Premier League (IPL).Apart from Gayle, whose blistering strokeplay has put the Royal Challengers Bangalore at the top of the points table in the fourth edition of the IPL, SLPL is also expected to feature Daniel Vettori, whose IPL journey was cut short after a recurring knee injury.Among the Indian players on the SLPL radar, the inclusion of Patel and Ashwin besides Praveen Kumar, who was recently selected for the West Indies tour after missing the World Cup due to an elbow injury, comes as a surprise as the trio is likely to be on national duty during that period.India is scheduled to visit England during the month of July for a four-match Test series followed by a one-day tournament and a one-off Twenty20 match.The other Indian players who figure in the list posted by the website include Dinesh Karthik, Irfan Pathan, Manish Pandey, Manoj Tiwary, Paul Valthaty, Ravindra Jadeja, Saurabh Tiwary, Umesh Yadav and Vinay Kumar.The list, which in all features 33 overseas players so far, also includes the names of David Warner, Shahid Afridi, Shoaib Akhtar, Umar Akmal, Albie Morkel, Herschelle Gibbs, Kevin O’Brien and Tamim Iqbal among others.advertisementWith PTI inputslast_img read more

Cholesterol lowering drug can also help treat cancerassociated cachexia

first_imgReviewed by Alina Shrourou, B.Sc. (Editor)Mar 19 2019Brazilian researchers have discovered that a drug regularly prescribed to control cholesterol can also be used to treat cachexia, or wasting syndrome, a condition characterized by rapid weight loss and muscle atrophy associated with extreme physical weakness. This condition is common among patients with chronic diseases such as cancer, heart failure and AIDS.The study was supported by FAPESP – São Paulo Research Foundation and has been published in Scientific Reports, an online journal owned by Springer Nature.”Our goal is to understand more comprehensively how cachexia develops and to explore the activity of drugs capable of slowing the process down,” said Miguel Luiz Batista Junior, a professor at the University of Mogi das Cruzes (UMC) in Brazil and the principal investigator for the study.According to Batista, previous research has shown that a process of adipose tissue remodeling known as browning occurs in patients with cachexia and that browning significantly contributes to the rapid loss of weight and fat. Through experiments with mice, researchers at the Adipose Tissue Biology Laboratory of UMC identified a key protein in this process and showed that atorvastatin can attenuate its effects.The study was conducted in collaboration with scientists at Federal University of Minas Gerais and University of Maringá in Brazil and University of Massachusetts and Boston University in the United States. Funding was awarded by the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development of Brazil (CNPq, an agency of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications), Serrapilheira Institute, as well as FAPESP.Batista explained that white adipose tissue stores fat when surplus energy is available, while the main function of brown adipose tissue is thermoregulation and insulation.For this reason, in winter, it is important to eat more food or choose meals with a higher calorie content because brown adipose cells turn fat into body heat and regulate body temperature.Brown adipose cells are not the only cell type that can burn fat for thermoregulation. At times of intense cold, beige adipose cells may also go into action via the browning of white adipose tissue. The structure and function of the cells change during this process. They continue to store excess energy but prioritize fat burning to assist in thermoregulation.”In patients with cachexia, white adipose cells are transformed into beige cells. This is curious, since, in theory, the organism of a debilitated individual doesn’t benefit from a reduction in fat reserves,” Batista said.The physiological role and consequences of the browning process induced by cachexia are unknown. “This is one of our study’s two major contributions,” Batista said.TLR4TLR4 (toll-like receptor 4) is a protein that plays a key role in pathogen recognition, innate immunity activation and inflammatory responses. Because obesity, similar to cachexia, is associated with systemic inflammation, the authors of the study suspected that TLR4 might be linked to adipose tissue remodeling. “We set out to associate the action of TLR4 with cachexia,” Batista said.In a mouse model, the researchers used both genetic ablation and pharmacological inhibition of a receptor similar to human TLR4. They next induced lung cancer in genetically modified mice (without TLR4) and in control wild-type mice (with TLR4).Related StoriesBacteria in the birth canal linked to lower risk of ovarian cancerSugary drinks linked to cancer finds studyResearchers use AI to develop early gastric cancer endoscopic diagnosis system”We found that 28 days after the inoculation of cancer cells in their lungs, the wild-type mice with TLR4 had lost 12% of their body weight, a classic sign of cachexia,” Batista said.Cachexia was less severe in mice without TLR4. “These animals lost less weight and muscle mass. They also lived longer, even though tumor growth was the same as in the control group. It’s also important to note that no lung metastasis was detected among the genetically modified mice,” Batista said.An analysis of adipose cells from the two groups showed that browning had occurred in the control mice with TLR4. This process likely led to accelerated weight loss. “Adipose tissue was less altered in the genetically modified mice without TLR4. In other words, lack of the receptor significantly blocked the adipose tissue browning effect,” Batista said.AtorvastatinAtorvastatin is an inexpensive drug widely used to control cholesterol. Research performed in recent years has described the anti-inflammatory effects of atorvastatin, including the downregulation of TLR4 gene expression.The authors of the study decided to use a preclinical model to determine whether atorvastatin affects the development of cachexia in wild-type mice with TLR4 in a similar manner to its effect on genetically modified mice without TLR4. They induced lung cancer in two groups of wild-type mice. In the group not treated with atorvastatin, tumors developed, and symptoms of cachexia were observed.In mice treated with atorvastatin, the result was even better than that in genetically modified mice without TLR4.”Treatment with atorvastatin proved effective in extending survival, attenuating adipose tissue remodeling and reducing tumor growth [by 49.7%] in comparison with a control group not treated with the drug. We showed that atorvastatin had a direct effect on the action of TLR4, which inhibited adipose tissue browning and reduced tumor growth,” Batista said.”With regard to the prospects for treatment of cachexia, the results of the genetic and preclinical models were highly promising. We expect these results to encourage researchers to test the clinical use of atorvastatin in patients with cancer.”In a vast majority of cases, cachexia is associated with the terminal stage of chronic diseases. In 20% of these terminal patients, cachexia is the cause of death. Among patients with pancreatic, lung and gastrointestinal tumors, cachexia is observed in 60%-80% of cases.”Cachexia is irreversible once established. In cancer patients, the development of cachexia usually shows that death is approaching. The patient’s extreme debilitation almost always obliges the medical team to reduce medication or even to suspend radiation therapy or chemotherapy,” Batista said.”The cancer doctor’s priority isn’t to treat cachexia but to attack the tumor. However, knowing the causes of this severe metabolic syndrome can help us discover drugs that attenuate its effects and mitigate its tendency to prevent the continuity of oncological treatment.” Source:http://agencia.fapesp.br/drug-used-to-control-cholesterol-found-effective-against-cancer-associated-cachexia/30035/last_img read more

Office Depot and Alibaba opening online store

first_img The two companies announced the agreement Monday as part of a broader array of services they are providing to small business. Over time, the companies intend to help U.S. small businesses sell their products to buyers around the world through Alibaba.com, the wholesale trade site of the Chinese online retail titan the Alibaba Group.It marks Alibaba.com’s first U.S. partnership with a major retailer. The lion’s share of Alibaba Group’s business has been providing retailers and brands in the U.S. and around the globe access to the 700 million Chinese customers through its two major marketplaces Taobao and Tmall.The core of Alibaba.com’s business is connecting small businesses with its more than 150,000 suppliers worldwide, a catalog of product listings and manufacturing capabilities. So Office Depot’s small and medium size business customers will be able to find a broader array of products or a reputable supplier to make their goods in a faster and more effective way. The agreement will give Alibaba access to Office Depot’s 10 million business customers and 1,800 sales agents. Explore further © 2019 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Office Depot Inc., based in Boca Raton, Florida, has struggled in recent years with intense competition from Amazon.com, which has been increasingly invading on the office supplier chain’s turf by offering office supply sales for U.S. companies. Office Depot still has 1,350 physical stores. But its new CEO Gerry Smith has been pushing the company to go beyond selling office products to become more of a one-stop shop for businesses for all service at a time when small businesses’ biggest challenges are cash and time. Nearly 70 percent of its Office Depot’s annual sales now come from business customers, up from about 49 percent a few years ago, Office Depot said.That goal of becoming more of one-stop shop for businesses will be furthered under this deal. For example, a toy manufacturer that was buying office supplies from Office Depot could now be steered by Office Depot to Alibaba.com to get access to the most cost-effective producers of toy parts that it’s looking for. It can also help them get quick access to loans.”As a trusted partner to millions of businesses, our customers tell us they want more choice in the market and need an expanded set of products and services to help their businesses grow,” said Smith Office Depot in a statement. “We believe our collaboration with Alibaba.com is exactly what they are asking for.” Home Depot’s online push continues with Company Store buycenter_img Office Depot and Alibaba.com are creating a co-branded online store to expand the reach of both companies with small and medium size businesses. Citation: Office Depot and Alibaba opening online store (2019, March 4) retrieved 17 July 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2019-03-office-depot-alibaba-online.html In this March 17, 2014 file photo, people walk past a company logo at the Alibaba Group headquarters in Hangzhou, in eastern China’s Zhejiang province. Office Depot and Alibaba.com are creating a co-branded online store to expand the reach of both companies with small and medium size businesses. The two companies announced the agreement Monday, March 4, 2019, as part of a broader array of services they are providing to small business. Over time, the companies intend to help U.S. small businesses sell their products to buyers around the world through Alibaba.com. It marks Alibaba.com’s first U.S. partnership with a major company. (Chinatopix via AP, File) This July 12, 2010, file photo shows signage at an Office Depot store in Mountain View, Calif. Office Depot and Alibaba.com are creating a co-branded online store to expand the reach of both companies with small and medium size businesses. The two companies announced the agreement Monday, March 4, 2019, as part of a broader array of services they are providing to small business. Over time, the companies intend to help U.S. small businesses sell their products to buyers around the world through Alibaba.com. It marks Alibaba.com’s first U.S. partnership with a major company. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma, File)last_img read more

Uber Eats bows to fans and removes green from Marseille shirt logo

first_img Citation: Uber Eats bows to fans and removes green from Marseille shirt logo (2019, July 3) retrieved 17 July 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2019-07-uber-fans-green-marseille-shirt.html Explore further Uber Eats has changed the colour of the logo that will appear on Marseille shirts next season to placate the club’s fans. © 2019 AFP Uber Eats has grown into Texas’ most-used food delivery appcenter_img In the company logo the word ‘eats’ is green, but that is the colour of one of Marseille’s hated rivals, Saint-Etienne.Fans responded to news of the sponsorship with a campaign on social media and with a banner hanging from a bridge over one of the main streets of the city demanding “no green on our shirts”.”Partner of all those who love OM, Uber Eats will be displayed in black on the jersey,” tweeted the company on Wednesday, with a picture of the club’s jersey with both ‘Uber’ and ‘eats’ in black. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. The green part of Uber Eats’ logo, pictured here on a delivery driver, will be changed on the Marseille team’s jersey after fans complained it was too reminiscent of hated rival Saint-Etiennelast_img read more