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Government insists Sri Lanka has not agreed to hybrid court

“Our Government never submitted a proposal to create a hybrid court in Sri Lanka,” Dr. Harsha de Silva said. He said that Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe had also made this clear to Parliament in 2017. Sri Lanka has not agreed to establish a hybrid court to investigate human rights abuses related to the war, the Government insisted today.Economic Reforms and Public Distribution Minister Dr. Harsha de Silva told Parliament today that Sri Lanka has made it clear that only local judges will be involved in the domestic accountability process. Dr. Harsha de Silva said that the Resolutions cosponsored by Sri Lanka in 2017 and this year did not propose a hybrid court.The Minister also said that Sri Lanka has not agreed to prosecute anyone before the International Criminal Court. Dr. Harsha de Silva said that the joint opposition is making false claims as this year is election year.He said that politicians must understand that this country belongs to all Sri Lankans and the rights of all Sri Lankans must be protected. (Colombo Gazette) read more

9 fictional deaths that you will never ever forget

first_imgTwitter/VeeHeartrush_ox5. Duke and Allie in The NotebookSeriously. Not able.videogum.com6. Marley in Marley and MeSo *sob* faithful *weep, slobber*.Twitter/hilaryduffelbag7. Bambi’s mother“We made it, mum!” Oh no. Oh no you didn’t.fanpop.com8. Jack Dawson in TitanicOK, so he’s a little annoying in retrospect. But if this didn’t make you weep like a garden hose as a teenager, your heart is a shard of Arctic iceberg.Twitter/ThingsIGrewUpOn9. Carl’s wife Ellie in UpOfficially the most heart-rending montage of all time.Hold us.Twitter/abbie_yuleCheck out the real life Moe’s Tavern, Kwik-E-Mart and Krusty Burger!>The 38 best rollercoaster poses of all time> WE SHOULD PROBABLY warn you that this contains spoilers. Death-related spoilers.But not for Game of Thrones. Anyway, here are the most traumatic on-screen deaths:1. Mufasa in The Lion KingDad. We gotta go home.*BAWL*Twitter/Renzo_Soprano2. Littlefoot’s mother in The Land Before TimeI mean, come on.Twitter/TheScottyAdams3. Jenny in Forrest GumpDAMN YOU, UNKNOWN VIRUS.Twitter/KurtYourDa4. Johnny in The OutsidersStay gold, Ponyboy.*WEEP*last_img read more