FFWPU Europe by Sophie Redihough There was a Se

first_imgFFWPU Europe (by Sophie Redihough): There was a Second Generation Matching Preparation held in Colle Mattia Rome, Italy on October 12, 2014. This mini workshop was organized and run by Pietro Rossi and Sophie Redihough, a young second generation blessed couple. There were twenty-two young second generation participants who united the communities of Rome and Naples. They were very attentive, ready to listen to guidance and to participate with questions and queries throughout the lectures and discussion groups.The day kicked off with some introductory words from Elisabetta Cali’. She spoke as leader of the Blessing Department and as a caring mother. We then sang a couple of invigorating songs to build up a joyous atmosphere.Pietro and Sophie’s aims were to communicate with their younger brothers and sisters about preparing ones’ self for the matching stage of life. To do this Pietro gave two lectures. The first was daringly entitled “Adolescence” and addressed many themes one finds whilst travelling through the rough seas of adolescence. Such as judgment, acceptance, the relationship with ones’ parents and purity. Although Pietro may not have directly quoted the divine principle, it was clear that his research and guidance was based upon the core values of the divine principle. He used his own examples to add substance and humor to his lecture. He gave inspiration about how to avoid falling into the Adam/Eve/Lucifer trap, how an adolescent can develop a receiving heart and the importance of having a spiritual life.The second lecture was focused on more personal growth and understanding the meaning of getting matching. This lecture included topics such as brother and sister relationships, ones motive for becoming matched and understanding that although the matching process may be a challenge, it is also something to be proud of, to enjoy, as something we (as 2nd gen) will all go through.Next there was a space of time assigned to discussion, to hear from the participants. The group was first split into brothers and sisters and then the group reunited for a final discussion. It was a great way to hear how much they had understood from the lectures as well as a way to hear their individual opinions about the matching and blessing, how one prepares and their doubts.As we all are aware, every matching story is a different one and since we are all unique children of God we all have a unique matching process. Because of this Pietro and Sophie wanted to demonstrate as many different types of matching and blessing they could. So after giving guidance and theory of the matching they had a whole host of stories and testimonies to share.First, Gukson Capone gave an incredibly faithful testimony of his “True Parents Matching”. He spoke about his motives for receiving a true parents match, the struggles he went through to be able to be matched and how his deep faith in True Parents help him still now in his blessed life.Next we heard the words of Carmen Rizzi’s matching process. Her parents had attended a pair of matching conventions and they had used the website to find a match for their daughter. She spoke whole heartedly about the importance of uniting mind and body and communication between matching candidates. She also gave some insight into the dangers of having expectations and preformed ideals about one’s spouse.After that there was a contrasting testimony from a 1st generation couple. Pietro and Sophie felt that it would be important to hear from the first generation since they have a fuller experience of blessed life and a completely different type of matching. It was given by the leaders of the Naples community, Umberto and Hitomi Capone. It showed how such contrasting cultures could unite, co-operate and live in harmony together. They also explained that trials that could arise, but through these they could develop a greater understanding and love of the other culture.Ye sam and Manuel were next to speak. The fact that they spoke about their matching process together made the story fuller and more rounded. It allowed us to get both a masculine and feminine point of view. Pietro and Sophie asked this couple to speak because theirs is an alternative process. They showed how it is possible, with great faith and great responsibility to become matched.Pietro and Sophie finished the day with their own testimony. How he changed his view point by immersing himself in hoon dok hwe and prayer and how she could accept the match by having great communication and faith in her parents. They spoke about how “signs” can be confusing, about what they learnt from each other and how they each took the decision and became committed.Throughout the day there was always a good atmosphere of give and take where everyone felt they could express themselves if they wished, they could ask specific questions and generally be involved.For me, it was a great day to give back something to the community, after living here for a year I felt I could really appreciate what we can do. I really enjoyed getting to know the younger brothers and sisters and would love to help them in the future as best as I can.A special thanks goes to Vittorio Nobuo Della Corte for being an in house guitarist, and to all those who brought food, drinks, gave lifts etc.All the best,last_img