Cox Kings reports rise in Babymoon vacations in India

first_imgTo understand the demands and choices of the upcoming traveller’s segment of ‘Babymooners’, Cox & Kings, recently released its survey titled ‘Decoding the Babymoon Trend which revealed that 82% of pregnant women wish to go on Babymoon and the most preferred time is the second trimester. Babymoon is a term that refers to a brief vacation taken by would-be parents to relax/travel before the baby is born. Cox & Kings spoke with close to 1000 women comprising both pregnant women and new mothers from Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Kolkata. About 72% of the new mothers had opted for a Babymoon during their pregnancy and ‘relaxation’ was the primary reason as they said that it offers a great window to have a child-free getaway.Given a choice, 65% of women wish to take an international babymoon trip. 77% of them wish to go with their husbands only and not the entire family.It also highlighted that ‘Beach Destinations’ are the most preferred for 88% of the women as it offers leisure beach walks and scenic views. The topmost priorities for the couple while planning the babymoon trip is safety, duration of travel and medical help.Goa, Jodhpur, Maharashtra and Kerala have topped the list of most preferred domestic babymoon destinations, whereas Seychelles, Thailand, Dubai and Sri Lanka top the list of most preferred international destinations.Cuisine remains one of the most important aspects of the vacation with 65% of the babymoon takers wanting to taste local food over carrying packaged food/taking a chef along.Breaking the babymoon myth, 97% of the respondents disapproved of adventure trip. A majority of the pregnant travellers choose custom-made tours over group tours.All-inclusive resorts are the favourite with 75% of the participants, feeling it is best to relax in one place. Hence multi-destination holidays are a strict no-no for the majority.Close to 82% of the respondents say they would opt for vacation spanning from 5 to 7 days with the rest choosing less than 5 days. Irrespective of the location, 85% would consider opting for a Travel Insurance.last_img