New Mac candle smells like you guessed it a new Mac

first_img Getting a new computer is great — it can make you faster, more efficient, and less annoyed on a daily basis to ditch your slow old system. Oh, and the smell. You know the one; that new electronics smell. Someone figured it would be a good idea to sell that smell, and they settled on a candle. Specifically, a new Mac smell, because you can sell anything to a subset of Apple people as long as they think it’s fancy. Sorry, but you know it’s true.The smell is a result of the manufacturing process, usually epoxy or glue inside the case and the circuit boards along with chemical by-products of plastic production. The volatile molecules that escape when you start using a new piece of electronics are quickly lost in the wind. But no more!For the low, low price of $24, you can have this candle that smells like a new computer. It’s a 100% soy-based candle that is apparently hand-poured. It includes hints of mint, peach, basil, lavender, mandarin, and sage. I’m not sure how that equals the smell of a new Mac or any computer for that matter. That smell you’re so familiar with is not unique to Apple’s computers. Again, certain Apple people are fanatical enough about their computers to think this is a good idea.Where should such a candle go? In your office? The living room? Maybe the bedroom so you can wake up to the smell of curing epoxy and fresh plastic every single morning? Frankly, this doesn’t actually sound like a very good idea if the candle actually smells like a new Mac. That smell is good in small doses because we associate it with getting a new toy. Over time, it’s really just a gross chemical smell. The White Castle Candle has a smell that will slider right into your hea… Stay on targetlast_img