Thieving geek steals a Jeep using a laptop

first_imgYou know how in the movies a thief can still steal a car just by popping the locks with a coat hanger and shorting the ignition wires? Apparently all they really need is a laptop.We’ve seen a Jeep Cherokee remotely hijacked by white hats, and now the Houston PD is looking for a thieving geek who recently made off with a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited using only a laptop. The heist wasn’t executed as expediently as the ones pulled by Memphis Raines and his crew in Gone in 60 Seconds, but the end result was the same. The thief drove off with the vehicle and the cops are still hunting for him.About seven minutes elapsed from the moment the unidentified perpetrator approached the Jeep until the time he drove away. The entire crime was captured by surveillance cameras, and HPD has shared the footage on YouTube in the hopes that someone will help them identify the crook and bring him to justice:There’s actually an accomplice who played an important role. About five minutes earlier, the hooded individual popped the Wrangler’s hood and did some fiddling. It’s believed that the objective was to disable the vehicle’s audible alarm. As high-tech as the second part of the crime appears to have been, it might not even have been possible without that bit of old-school assistance.If you happen to know who the fellow in the video is, give Crime Stop Houston a call. They’d love to have a chat with him.last_img