Ridley Scotts Halo Nightfall TV series gets a teaser trailer

first_imgMicrosoft axed a whole bunch of employees and projects last week, including the staff developing original content for Xbox One. But fear not, the only original content anyone cared about survived the cut. Halo: Nightfall is heading to the Xbox One as a part of the Halo: Master Chief collection later this year, and it paints an interesting picture for what can be expected in Halo 5: Guardians.We’ve known for a little while now that Ridley Scott was lending his twisted mind to the Halo universe in order to give everyone something to drool over while we wait for a new Halo game. While we’ve had great titles like Titanfall and soon Destiny to keep us busy, a Halo game is long overdue on Microsoft’s new box.This “first look” at Halo: Nightfall introduces us to Jameson Locke, who we now know is the character in glossy black Spartan-like armor on the cover of Halo 5.More and more it’s starting to look like The Arbiter and Locke are working together. The aim being to find Master Chief in order to stop an artifact that was originally being hunted for by the Covenant as a sort of last ditch effort to win the war against the UNSC.The element being described in this video targets and eliminates humans, and it apparently works over a great distance. This, combined with finally learning more about the ONI group, makes for a very interesting story to lead us into the next game.last_img