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first_imgToday is the big day; no, not election day! The long-awaited next chapter of one of the top gaming franchises has arrived: Halo 4. This fourth installment promises to bring lost glory back to the popular franchise.Not only are the graphics updated for 2012, but the game promises many hours of entertainment. The standard single-player experience is there, but where fans will really dig in are the co-op and multiplayer modes. The regular campaign mode can be played cooperatively with either a split-screen player in the same room or up to 3 friends on Xbox Live.There is a separate co-op mode from the main campaign called “Spartan Ops” which promises to deliver a separate story-driven game mode with new content downloaded in different seasons, included free in the game rather than a paid downloadable content option.Then of course there is the wildly popular multiplayer component. Multiplayer characters can be heavily customized and there are numerous opportunities to level up, even outside of direct multiplayer games. You earn “Spartan Points” which allow you to purchase upgrades for your character.Halo 4 will be one of the top gaming releases of 2012-2013 and with this deal you can get it along with a $20 gift card good for anything at 4 + Free $20 gift card for $59.99 + free shipping (ends soon)Our other top deals:ASUS TF600T VivoTab 10.1-inch Windows RT 32GB Tablet for $581.95 + free shipping(normally $599.99 | use instant savings | ends Nov. 8 or sooner)OCZ Agility 4 256GB SATA 6Gb/s 2.5-inch SSD for $129.99 + free shipping(normally $199.99 | use $30 mail-in rebate | ends Nov. 9 or sooner)last_img