Press Talk More dirty laundry exposed

first_imgFar be it from me to air my political friends’ dirty laundry, but … come on, man.What I’m talking about, of course, is a few state legislators who have opted to charge taxpayers for their dry cleaning.You just can’t make up funny stuff like this.Republican state Sen. Ann Rivers appears to be at the top of the statewide laundry heap on this issue, charging taxpayers more than $500 last year.Democratic Rep. Jim Moeller wasn’t far behind with about $450. (They must charge extra for bow ties.) And Republican Sen. Don Benton ran up a $72 bill.In all, seven Democrats and 12 Republicans in the state Legislature charged taxpayers to keep their clothes sparkling. It’s proof positive that no particular party has cornered the market in cleaning out (I hope you’re noticing the laundry terms here) our pockets.Rivers, God bless her, had this to say about dry cleaning: “We’re expected to wear a suit every day. After a while, the dry cleaning piles up. … You should look nice and you should smell nice and you should be doing the work of the people.”Huh?I would say that I believe Rivers will be a huge player in Olympia. She’s that good. But if I were listing the important things a senator should be doing, I would not put looking and smelling nice in the same category as doing the work of the people.last_img