AlteredNozzle tap promises 98 water savings

first_imgThe average household uses 32 gallons of water each day just from the taps. The Altered:Nozzle aims to reduce that to less than one gallon using a new water-saving design. According to the creators of Altered:Nozzle, attaching this device in place of your standard faucet nozzle will reduce water usage by a whopping 98% without sacrificing functionality. The project is on Kickstarter, and it’s already smashed through its original goal.Altered:Nozzle is essentially an extremely aggressive aerator that attaches to your existing faucet. As water flows through the faucet, Altered:Nozzle breaks it up into millions of tiny droplets (they call this atomizing). A traditional faucet puts out much more water, but it comes out in a constant stream, much of which just splashes off anything in its path. You can make contact with essentially all the water coming out of the Altered:Nozzle because it has more total surface area as tiny droplets. The promo video shows people doing a variety of household activities (and a suspicious amount of hand washing) with the atomized water spray. Altered:Nozzle has a secondary mode, though. With a twist of the nozzle, it outputs a more directed spray. This uses more water, but it lets you do things like fill up a container without waiting ages. It still uses 75% less water than a regular tap, though.The designers were looking to get about $30,000 in Kickstarter backing for the Altered:Nozzle. As of now, it’s over $350,000. Making a lot on Kickstarter is by no means a guarantee that something will live up to the hype (or even ship to backers), but the design of the Altered:Nozzle is complete. It’s not a hypothetical product. If you want one of your own, it’ll cost you about $44 and it ships in December.last_img