9 fictional deaths that you will never ever forget

first_imgTwitter/VeeHeartrush_ox5. Duke and Allie in The NotebookSeriously. Not able.videogum.com6. Marley in Marley and MeSo *sob* faithful *weep, slobber*.Twitter/hilaryduffelbag7. Bambi’s mother“We made it, mum!” Oh no. Oh no you didn’t.fanpop.com8. Jack Dawson in TitanicOK, so he’s a little annoying in retrospect. But if this didn’t make you weep like a garden hose as a teenager, your heart is a shard of Arctic iceberg.Twitter/ThingsIGrewUpOn9. Carl’s wife Ellie in UpOfficially the most heart-rending montage of all time.Hold us.Twitter/abbie_yuleCheck out the real life Moe’s Tavern, Kwik-E-Mart and Krusty Burger!>The 38 best rollercoaster poses of all time> WE SHOULD PROBABLY warn you that this contains spoilers. Death-related spoilers.But not for Game of Thrones. Anyway, here are the most traumatic on-screen deaths:1. Mufasa in The Lion KingDad. We gotta go home.*BAWL*Twitter/Renzo_Soprano2. Littlefoot’s mother in The Land Before TimeI mean, come on.Twitter/TheScottyAdams3. Jenny in Forrest GumpDAMN YOU, UNKNOWN VIRUS.Twitter/KurtYourDa4. Johnny in The OutsidersStay gold, Ponyboy.*WEEP*last_img