Afghanistan UN envoy hails launch of reconciliation action plan

The senior United Nations envoy in Afghanistan today hailed the launch of an Action Plan on Peace, Reconciliation and Justice and pledged the world body’s support in carrying it out.“This is a remarkable step, and especially so for a country that has suffered so much and in which conflict remains all too present,” said Tom Koenigs. “I applaud this courageous move.”He recalled the suffering caused by Afghanistan’s decades of human rights violations. “Launching an Action Plan is only a first step towards coming to terms with this legacy, but it shows that the dignity of victims is being respected,” he said. “It also gives hope that the truth may be established, that justice may be achieved, and that tolerance, solidarity, and trust may be restored.”Mr. Koenigs also pledged the UN’s support in carrying out the Plan, saying the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) “”will do everything possible to realize the promises made to the peoples of the world in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on this very day, 58 years ago.”The UN marks Human Rights Day every year on 10 December in recognition of that milestone.