Apartment evacuated for drug lab

(Updated)Halton police forced the partial evacuation of an Oakville apartment building Monday afternoon — for a drug investigation. The building on Marlborough Crescent — near Sheridan College — is familiar to police. But what they found inside — was definitely a surprise. It was around 1:30 when police responded to a noise complaint on Marlborough court. Someone was running a generator on a 12th floor balcony. There was no one home — but when police entered the apartment — they got a surprise.  Inspector Roger Wilkie is with the Halton Regional Police: “A non-operational meth lab was evident in one of the apartments.”Police then cleared the top four floors of the building — evacuating tenants — until they could assess the risk. It didn’t take them long to determine that there was no immediate danger — but residents were glad they made the effort.Tenants said that with lots of college students in the building — police were occasionally on hand to answer noise complaints. But a drug lab — was a bit of a shock.And so with the apartment secure and no danger to tenants, it appeared that the door had closed on this case — at least for the moment.The single male was then apprehended in the underground parking garage. Police confirmed he was a suspect — but had very little information about his connection to the meth lab upstairs.Some quick police work here — so quick in fact, that police had a suspect in custody before they even had a warrant to search the apartment containing the drug lab.