UKs Labour party leader demands accountability in Sri Lanka

He said that human rights violations and the persecution of the Tamil people are ongoing in Sri Lanka. He also said that the ongoing use of torture as a common tactic in Sri Lanka was unacceptable. The Labour leader also condemned the Easter Sunday attacks as well as the anti-Muslim violence which followed.”Sen Kandiah, Chair of Tamils for Labour, stressed that no progress had been made in accountability and said the group was calling for the Labour Party to recognise that what happened was genocide. (Colombo Gazette) Corbyn said that a future Labour Government would use diplomatic pressure and action on trade and arms sales to push for human rights.“Today we commemorate those who lost their lives at Mullivaikkal those years ago,” Corbyn said. “In their memory and their honour, let’s get justice for those who have committed atrocities,” he said. UK’s Labour party leadership has demanded accountability in Sri Lanka saying a future Labour Government would be committed to the causes of achieving justice and accountability for the Tamil people, as well as recognising their right to self-determination.“This is a sad occasion because we are commemorating the tenth anniversary of that terrible massacre,” said Labour leader, and Leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn MP. “We need a recognition of the atrocities, an end to the ongoing human rights violations, accountability for the mass atrocities,” Corbyn said adding that “a political settlement and acknowledgment of the right of self-determination of the Tamil people is crucial to a sustainable peace.”