King Mohammed VI Inaugurates Medical Center in Casablanca

Rabat – King Mohammed VI inaugurated a local medical center at the Sidi Moumen district in Casablanca on Monday.The project is in line with King Mohammed VI’s approach to improve medical services for all citizens, especially for vulnerable groups. The construction of the project, which is sponsored by the Mohammed V Foundation  for Solidarity, was launched by the King in October, 2016. Maghreb Arab Press (MAP) reported that the facility will  benefit nearly 500,000 people in the region.The center will include consultation rooms, emergency rooms, maternal and child care, as well as a  section specialized in cardiology and ophthalmology consultations. It also includes an oral care unit, as well as a medical analysis laboratory, a sterilization unit and a medical unit. Other welcome inclusions are an orthopedic rehabilitation unit and a medical-technical center. MAP added that the facility is equipped with the latest generation equipment. The medical center has 21 general practitioners, emergency doctors and specialists, as well as 38 nurses.The project  is among the list of other medical facilities that King Mohammed VI inaugurated throughout Ramadan.On  May 16, King Mohammed VI opened the Regional Center for Oral Hygiene in Rabat’s Yaacoub El Mansour district.