Sino-US ties will improve despite differences: Chinese Premier

first_imgFrom K J M VarmaBeijing, Mar 16 (PTI) Notwithstanding growing Sino-US tensions over the disputed South China Sea, Premier Li Keqiang today said bilateral relations will move forward as common interests outweigh differences, no matter who gets elected as next American President.”There are broad common interests between China and US. There are also some differences between the two countries. Some differences could be sharp. There is no need to deny this,” Li, 60, said in his annual press conference here.”For some time, many people have been talking about differences between the two countries. But at the same time overlooked one very important thing of China last year becoming the top trading partner of the US with two-way trade between the two countries reaching USD 560 billion.”This itself shows common interest far outweighs their differences,” Li, who ranks second after President Xi Jinping in leadership hierarchy, said responding to a question on the US, China ties which are undergoing a tense phase over the US Asia Pivot policy and growing differences over Chinas moves to assert its claims on the South China Sea (SCS).China claims most of the resource-rich SCS, countered by Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan.Washingtons moves to send naval ships and aircraft in the area to ascertain freedom of navigation has riled China.As Americas China policy has taken the centre stage of the upcoming US Presidential election with contestants vowing to pursue to a more strong policy to contain the Communist giant, Li said Sino-US ties are far deeper to be restricted by differences.advertisement”As for the US elections, it has been lively and caught the attention of many. I believe no matter who gets into the White House, the underlying trend will not change. It has been several decades since the two counties established diplomatic ties. Has not the relationship seen more than fair share of ups and downs?. It has always been moving forward which I believe is the underlying trend,” he said.As per difference between the two countries, there are up to 100 various dialogue and exchange mechanism between China and US to address the issues, Li said.Focusing on his comments on the growing China-US business ties, he said both counties need to act keeping principle of equality and mutual benefit in mind. Currently, they are engaged in negotiations over Bilateral Investment Treaty.”China for its part will give US investors wider market access in a gradual way. We hope that such opening will be mutual. As long as the two countries act with good faith and properly manage their differences, I believe their common interest will expand.”As our cooperation expands, the percentage of overall differences in China US relations will come down and broader cooperation serves the interests of both the countries and the world,” Li added. PTI KJV CPS AKJ CPSlast_img