Watch The Jon Stickley Trio Amaze Sarasota Fans With Their Virtuosity

first_imgThe Jon Stickley Trio is currently involved in a Kickstarter to fund their new album and are closing in on their goal with only five days remaining. During the show they announced a special offer: Anyone who pledged 30 dollars or more would receive not only their upcoming album, but the remainder of their catalog, five CDs total, for only 30 dollars. You can help them make more magic for the world to enjoy by following this link.Setlist: The Jon Stickley Trio at Fogartyville Community Media And Arts Center, Sarasota, FL – 11/4/16Set 1: Blackburn Brothers, The High Road, Point to Point, Slow Burn, Rice Dream, Never Stop, Dellas Walk, Echolocation, Darth RadarSet 2: Jerusalem Ridge,Playpeople, Plain Sight, Manzanita, Tico Tico, Slopes, Octopickin’, Blackberry Blossom, Flight Of The Durban If I told you we were going out to hear some classical music, as well as calypso, flamenco, bluegrass, jazz and chamber tunes, you might assume we were going to be very busy running from show to show. Luckily, you can hear all of that and so much more for the price of a single ticket to see The Jon Stickley Trio. Stickley, alongside his partners-in-crime Lyndsay Pruett and Patrick Armitage held the crowd spellbound at the WSLR Listening Room in Sarasota, Florida, as they wove their prodigious talents together with a magic flourish.Stickley’s guitar technique is a hodge-podge of classical fingerings, mixed with flat picking jazz technique and a more straight forward Americana feel. It all results in a jaw dropping display of control and emotion combined. Meanwhile, Pruett shows off a stellar range of styles and skills with lilting leads, plucked strings and no fear when it came time to get down and dirty. Armitage held the pocket rock solid, but added a slew of perfectly timed fills and flourishes that complimented but never overpowered the leads. The resulting blend of sounds and talents produced a harmonious sound that was surprisingly resonant for an almost-acoustic three piece band.Both sets of the capacity crowd show were packed with as much deft plying as humanly possible, with the reserved crowd waiting for each song to fully finish before breaking their silence with uproarious applause. Towards the end of the second set, a few of the more adventurous fans in the audience did, in fact, take to the dance floor to get down, but for the most part the audience sat in rapt silence, lost in the beauty unfolding before their eyes.Our own Rex Thomson was on hand with his camera and managed to capture a pair of truly impressive performances, including a nearly twelve minute tune that saw the Trio show off their many dimensions in a lightning fast progression. Check out the videos below:last_img

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