Month: August 2020

Life-long benefits for Batsman Sir Viv

first_imgFormer Windies batsman, Sir Vivian Richards, one of the greatest batsmen ever, is to be honored with tax exemptions, a monthly pension and other benefits by the government of Antigua and Barbuda.Richards, who turne 66 on March 7, played 121 Tests for the West Indies between November 1974 and August 1991 and scored 8540 runs at an average of 50.23. He scored 24 centuries and 45 half centuries in his brilliant Test career.He was knighted on February 28, 2014, and now the government is planning to do more.“The promise to treat this living National Heroes with a high degree of respect is fulfilled. Sir Vivian Richards will also remain an Ambassador for Antigua and Barbuda” Chief of Staff Lionel Max Hurst was quoted as saying.Sir Vivian will now be paid a monthly pension that’s equal to the amount now paid to Ministers of State within the Antigua and Barbuda Government. He will also be exempt from duties and other charges on the importation of personal items.The “Master Blaster” will also not be required to pay property taxes on the house he owns and will be allowed a duty-free car every seven years. If needed, he will be provided a driver and a house keeper to be paid by the Treasury.last_img read more

Several killed in Haiti as protesters demand resignation of President Moise

first_imgPORT AU PRINCE,  CMC – At least six people were killed and several others injured  on Sunday as opposition demonstrators took to the streets demanding the resignation of President Jovenel Moise. Protestors are also demanding a full investigation into the use of the funds under PetroCaribe, the Venezuela oil initiative to assist countries in the region.“There is only one option. Jovenel Moïse is a political corpse that must be brought to the cemetery. It’s over for him. We cannot do anything with him anymore. He must leave without delay to avoid chaos,” said André Michel, one of the organizers of Sunday’s protest.Police have confirmed the deaths occurred across Haiti and  several arrests had been made.Six deaths confirmed The spokesman for the National Police of Haiti (PNH), Michel-Ange Louis Jeune, said six people were killed, five others injured and 20 arrests were made. But, the opposition organizers speaking at a news conference late Sunday said that 11 people had been killed, 47 wounded and 75 others arrested.The Secretary of State for Communication, Eddy Jackson Alexis, while he congratulated the police and law enforcement authorities for their “professional work.” deplored and condemned the attacks against businesses, residences, private property and some diplomatic residences.President Moise cancelled a planned trip with members of his cabinet to Cap Haitien on Sunday to commemorate the 215th anniversary of the Battle of Vertières.The opposition later described the decision of President Moise as “cowardly.” The leader of the opposition Pitit Dessalines Party, Jean-Charles Moise, took credit for the decision of Moise to cancel his trip.In a pre-recorded message, President Moise said “the symbolism of Vertières calls for dialogue, union and understanding”.Hundreds took to the streetsOn Sunday, several people took to the streets in the capital as well as in some of the provincial cities, burning tires, paralyzing public transport and waving black and red flags and demanding answers to PetroCaribe.PetroCaribe is an oil alliance of many Caribbean states with Venezuela to purchase oil on conditions of preferential payment. The alliance was launched on the 29th of June 2005 in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela. In 2013, PetroCaribe agreed for links with the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA), to go beyond oil and promote economic cooperation.Haitians have been taking to the streets in recent months demanding an inquiry into the use of Petro Caribe funds.Population urged to remain vigilantPrior to the demonstrations, the opposition Famni Lavalas party called on the population to remain vigilant, amid reports that Nicolas Duvalier, the son of former dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier, is being promoted by Haitian politicians abroad as the new leader of the country.“The black and red flag of François Duvalier is being promoted. Stop irritating the people, stop putting the people’s struggle as a comedy,” Famni Lavalas said in a statement, adding “today the battle is not that of the color of the flag.“The battle is to do what our ancestors did on November 18, 1803, to free the country from these authorities. The battle is to put no matter the cost at the head of the country a power of transition so that we can make a PetroCaribe trial and a National Conference to establish in the country a good political system that will allow Haiti to really develop,” the party said.The party said it was urging supporters not to “fall into the trap of the division on the color of the flag, and to remain mobilized”.The opposition has called on supporters to stay home on Monday, but Jackson Alexis, said the population should ignore the advice and that the police would be out in their numbers to ensure their safety.last_img read more

US Coast Guard rescues Jamaican nationals adrift off Haiti

first_imgThe United States Coast Guard rescued six Jamaican nationals adrift Friday about 76 miles south west of Tortuga, Haiti.On Saturday, the Coast Guard reported those rescued were Garnel Goldson, 30; Rohan Smith, 50; Raymond Foster, 30; Jermaine Brown, 32; Marvin Buchanon, 39; and Jermaine Lobiboun.Coast Guard Cutter Thetis (WEMC-910) crewmembers observed a handheld flare and diverted to the origin location of a disabled vessel that was on a voyage from Jamaica to Tortuga, the Coast Guard said.It said the master of the vessel reported to be adrift for two days, and the crew was running low on provisions.“The cutter Thetis crew safely embarked the six survivors and transferred them to Cuban authorities, with no reported injuries,” it said.Chris Eddy, Coast Guard 7th District search and rescue coordinator here, said: “The sea can be unforgiving and, when a boat or vessel experiences a casualty at sea, having the right equipment can save lives as this case shows.“This flare signaled to the crew of the Thetis who was within range to see it, ready to respond, and was able to save these six people,” he said.last_img read more

Stepmothering: A Noble & Difficult Act for Woman & Child

first_imgMothers are special. This core belief is a strongly and lovingly held universal one.  When one chooses to describe a relationship with a female by stating, ‘she is/was like a mother to me,’ no further explanation is needed.  The listener immediately understands that there is an unbreakable bond that this relationship entails. The Mother/Child Bond In its most natural and biological form, the bond that exists between a mother and a child is incomparable to any other simply from the vantage point that the child is formed of and within the physical being of the mother.  For me this is unconditional love. The relationships we form with our mothers – whether they are supportive or strained – ultimately affect our relationship with ourselves and how we navigate every other relationship in the world.For this Mother’s Day, I’m choosing to reflect upon a variation of this relationship; namely the one that exists between a stepmother and a stepdaughter. The Stepmother It seems that no matter where one is from or how one chooses to worship, the dynamics in such interactions are courteous at best, and tumultuous in their darkest hour. Hardly if ever, are they easy.Why is this?  Usually, the stepmother enters the equation either through death or divorce if matrimony is a part of the equation.  Either way, chances are the offspring is experiencing some sort of grief and in some cases trauma as a result of disintegration of their family structure.  The offspring’s loss, is separate and apart from that of their father. And of course level of impact correlates directly with the age at which this change happens. Abandonment As a start, we justifiably assume that our mothers will always be there for us.  When she goes away (or is taken away from us), our foundations of trust and safety are shaken to the core.  To be abandoned and betrayed by the very person who brought forth life can sometimes feel like a curse worse than death. The child is left feeling as though they are fighting for their right to exist.  Rarely if ever, does the father (figure) allow space for the child to grieve the loss of their biological mother.  Perhaps in their own grief they lack the emotional intelligence to do so, as they too grapple with their own muddled feelings of anger, betrayal, and disappointment, hurt and such. I was 16 years old the first time I met the woman that would become my stepmother. I was asked or told – both of them meant the same in my dictatorial upbringing – ‘please get along with her because she means a lot to me.’ While one woman took an oath in sickness or in health, the other, a frightened and overweight teenager, vowed to honor her father’s words – by any means necessary.  As one who works in the business of transformation, I often meet clients who are trying to ‘iron out’ difficult relationships, especially concerning stepparents.  Remember Cinderella? At the demise of her father, she is left to be raised by her cruel stepmother and share space with her evil stepsisters.  She tries her utmost to be ‘good’ yet all of her efforts within her dysfunctional family situation are futile. Chances are you know the rest of that story.  Reflecting on Mother’s Day 2018Mother’s Day 2018 had me reflecting deeply upon the notion of being a stepmother and/or being a stepchild.  Even the term denotes some element of ‘rank and file’. In the words of one dear friend of mine who wears this weighty crown, a stepmother is required to step down, not up.  One week following this day, my father passed away, surrounded by 7 women – his beloved wife by his side held his hand until his very last breath.  As I continue to mourn the deep loss of my father, last week, while riding my bike here in Bali, a thought occurred to me, one that prompted me to re-visit this discourse and share it on this Mother’s Day. My Conclusions It is unrealistic to attempt to liken the relationship between a stepmother and a child to that of the one that a birth mother and child share.  Step-relationships are based on the conditionality of the absence of the birth mother for one reason or another.  Any attempt to try to replace one’s birth mother’s unconditional love with another woman is self-serving to the man and potentially an abject and unconscious cruelty meted out to the children involved.  I am at the age and stage in life where I have dated men with children and as such found myself in the role of potentially being a stepmother.  I have intentionally avoided meeting these men’s children until our relationship is at a level that warrants such introductions. Children require consistency, stability and love – not a parade of their father’s desires traipsing across their vulnerable landscapes. Personal experience has led me to the following conclusion:Let the woman and the child choose how they wish to address and therefore relate to each other.  This will take tremendous pressure away from both parties who rightfully feel that their respective positions ought to be honored and respected.Rather than have a relationship forced upon either one, allow both beings to come to love each other in their own way. If we let love lead, each person will find their way to love – in the right space and time.  Remember, each and every relationship promises a gift and a lesson; especially those ones that demand us to confront ourselves.  This Mother’s Day I choose to acknowledge ALL mothers, but ESPECIALLY those who from an act of selfless love, are willing to assume the responsibility of parenting children that are not their own.  A noble act indeed; one that deserves commendation.  Nadine McNeil, otherwise called Universal Empress, is a yoga teacher, life coach, women’s circle facilitator, public speaker and non-fiction writer, who lives and works Bali, Indonesia. To learn more about her, visit: www.universalempress.comlast_img read more

Koffee to Tour With Grammy-Award Winning R&B Star Daniel Caesar

first_imgKoffee was recently featured on Apple Music’s UpNext series where she gave fans a deep insight into her life and career.In March 2019, the 19-year-old released her five-track debut EP titled “Rapture”. The EP debuted at number one on the Billboard Reggae Album chart, making her the youngest artist to do so. The EP also took the top spot on the iTunes Reggae Chart. KINGSTON, Jamaica – Its been a hot year for Koffee and the rising reggae sensation shows no signs of cooling down anytime soon.Grammy-Award winning R&B artist Daniel Caesar announced on Twitter that he will be hitting the road on a two-part tour starting in Asia on July 20, with the American leg on the tour starting on July 30.Caesar, who dropped his sophomore album CASE STUDY 01 on June 28, won his first Grammy at the 2019 Grammy Awards for his collaboration “Get You” with fellow R&B singer, HER. His 10-track sophomore album featured vocals from Brandy, Pharrell, Sean Leon and Jacob Collier, and John Mayer, and has already created a buzz for the 2020 Best R&B album.Koffee, who has been making waves globally with her hit song “Toast”, will join Caesar on tour, showcasing not just her lyrics to a new audience, but also her guitar skills.last_img read more

United States Extends Temporary Protected Status for Haitians

first_img<> on January 18, 2018 in Newark, New Jersey. TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras (AP) — The US Department of Homeland Security announced Friday it is extending temporary protected status coverage for migrants from El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Nepal, Nicaragua and Sudan through January 4, 2021.The status, which has been granted because of disasters or conflicts in those countries, had been set to expire in January 2020, or in Nepal’s case, March.Trump administration has been trying to end TPS for those countries since 2018, but that move has been tied up by court appeals.Under Trump’s original plan, an estimated 428,000 people from several countries had faced rolling deadlines to leave or obtain legal residency in other ways.The department said Friday the extension was enacted to comply with court injunctions against the move, which it said it’s appealing. It said that if it wins the appeals, Salvadorans will still have a full year, and Haitians will have at least 120 days.Honduras’ President Juan Orlando Hernandez called the announcement “good news.” He noted that TPS status has allowed over 40,000 Hondurans to live and work in the United States since Hurricane Mitch caused widespread damage in Honduras in 1999.Hernandez wrote in his Twitter account that “We will continue working to find a permanent and humane solution for out Honduran brothers.”Earlier this week, US Ambassador to El Salvador Ronald Johnson had announced the one-year extension for more than 200,000 Salvadorans, the largest single group in TPS.Later, Ken Cuccinelli, acting director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services, appeared to contradict the ambassador, saying via Twitter that the actual TPS program for Salvadorans wasn’t being extended in legal terms: “That’s not what happened.”The effect, however, appeared to be essentially the same: Salvadorans who have been living in the US under the TPS program — safe from deportation and allowed to work legally — will continue to do so for at least a year after courts resolve challenge to Trump’s policy.Trump — who wants to curtail legal immigration and has been cracking down broadly on illegal immigration — and his supporters note that the protections were never meant to be permanent.Immigrant advocates decried the move and contend that ending the status will drive people underground who have been establishing roots in the US for years or decades, including having American-born children.last_img read more

Corp Members Raise Atmosphere In Sagamu

first_imgHundreds of Batch A, Stream II Corps members made the atmosphere at the Gateway International stadium electrifying as MFM picked their second away win of the campaign on Matchday 32 of the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL).Austin Ogunye scored the only goal of the game as the Olukoya Boys beat Remo Stars 1-0, but one of the memorable moments of the day was the vibrant corps members, who came out en-masse to cheer and applaud every good move.At a point in the game, they started rooting for Remo Stars and booed MFM, as they felt the referee awarded Fidelis Ilechukwu’s side a cheap penalty – which was later missed by NPFL top scorer Stephen Odey.Dr. Jinadu, a Batch A, Stream II Corp member, who enjoyed the game together with other colleagues, felt MFM deserve the victory as he praised some of the outstanding players in the game.“It was a very exciting game, I expected the MFM boys to win, they did better than the Remo Boys.“MFM no. 10 (Onuwa) stood out, I enjoyed his game and the keeper for Remo Stars (Adekunle) did very well, even as he didn’t get enough support from his defenders.”The stadium was lively even after the final whistle, as the corp members posed for pictures with the NPFL players on parade.Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.  Writer:                                                                                                                                                                  Kingsley Oyero Relatedlast_img read more

Super Eagles Midfielder, Nosa Igiebor Signs For MLS Club

first_imgNigerian international and free agent, Nosa Igiebor has signed for MLS side Vancouver Whitecaps from Turkish outfit Caykur Rizespor.The 26-year-old midfielder, who has 15 caps for the Super Eagles of Nigeria, joins the Whitecaps until the end of the ongoing MLS season pending permit and visa.Speaking to the club’s official website, Whitecaps coach Carl Robinson said: “Nosa is a box-to-box midfielder who brings a lot of experience having played in some of the top leagues in the world,”NEWS: #VWFC add Nigerian international midfielder Nosa IgieborREAD:— Vancouver Whitecaps (@WhitecapsFC) September 8, 2017“When you have an opportunity to bring in a player with this pedigree, you take it. Nosa adds competition for places in our midfield, which will only help strengthen our group.” he added.Igiebor has made over 300 professional appearances across Europe, including two seasons in the La Liga with Real Betis, having also played for Lillestrom, Maccabi Tel-Aviv and Hapoel Tel Aviv. RelatedValencia CF vs Real SociedadJune 30, 2017Similar postLigue 1 Champions PSG Trail NdidiMay 4, 2020In “Europe”Fegor Ogude Joins Russian Side FK YeniseyJuly 6, 2018In “National Team”last_img read more

Kylian Mbappe & Marcus Rashford Headlines 25-Man Shortlist For 2017 Golden Boy Award

first_imgManchester United and Paris Saint-Germain youngsters, Marcus Rashford and Kylian Mbappe are among the 25 man shortlist for 2017 Golden Boy Award.Established by Italian sports newspaper Tuttosport, the award rewards Europe’s most impressive footballer under the age of 21.Marcus Rashford, who finished as runner-up to Bayern Munich’s Portuguese midfielder Renato Sanches, leads the Premier League contingent for this year’s award alongside Manchester City’s Gabriel Jesus, Everton’s Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Kyle Walker-Peters of Tottenham, Joe Gomez and Dominic Solanke, both of Liverpool.Barcelona’s big money signing, Ousmane Dembele and AC Milan’s shot-stopper Gianluigi Donnarumma was also not left out of the shortlist.The nominees in full:Aarón Martin, Espanyol; Jean-Kévin Augustin, RB Leipzig; Rodrigo Bentacur, Juventus; Steven Bergwijn, PSV Eindhoven; Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Everton; Federico Chiesa, Fiorentina; Ousmane Dembélé, Barcelona; Amadou Diawara, Napoli; Kasper Dolberg, Ajax; Gianluigi Donnarumma, Milan; Gabriel Jesus, Manchester City; Joe Gomez, Liverpool; Benjamin Henrichs, Bayer Leverkusen; Borja Mayoral, Real Madrid; Kylian Mbappé, Paris Saint-Germain; Emre Mor, Celta Vigo; Reece Oxford, Borussia Mönchengladbach; Christian Pulisic, Borussia Dortmund; Marcus Rashford, Manchester United; Allan Saint-Maximim, Nice; Dominic Solanke, Liverpool; Theo Hernandez, Real Madrid; Youri Tielemans, Monaco; Enes Ünal, Villarreal; Kyle Walker-Peters, Tottenham.Relatedlast_img read more

Jedinak Hattrick Sends Australia To The World Cup

first_imgAston Villa midfielder Mile Jedinak netted a second half hattrick to help Australia book their place at next year’s World Cup with a 3-1 win over ‘stubborn’ Honduras in their second leg intercontinental playoff clash.The tie was firmly in the balance after the first leg in Honduras ended in a goalless draw and the same scenario was witnessed in the first half of the second leg before Jedinak’s timely intervention.The former Crystal Palace player scored the opening goal nine minutes after the interval as his freekick deflected in off Honduras defender Maynor Figueroa. He thereafter netted his brace from the spot in the 72nd minute before completing his hattrick from the spot again to seal Australia’s place in Russia 2018 with two minutes left on the clock. There was still time for the visitors to grab a consolation goal through Houston Dynamo forward Alberth Elis.With the 3-1 aggregate victory, Australia have now qualified for their 5th FIFA World Cup and a 3rd appearance at the tournament under the Asian Confederation. The first two editions they qualified for (1974 and 2006) were under Oceania.Australia are the 31st country to qualify for next year’s FIFA World Cup with one spot left to be filled. Peru and New Zealand will battle each other in Lima later on Wednesday in their second leg playoff clash to determine who will qualify with the tie firmly deadlocked at 0-0 from the first leg. Related2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifying Wrap (CONCACAF): Favourites US Miss Out; Panama QualifyOctober 11, 2017In “FIFA”2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifying Wrap (AFC): Ageless Cahill Ends Syria’s World Cup HopesOctober 10, 2017In “FIFA”FIFA U-17 World Cup Second Round Wrap: Germany, US Through To Quarters After Big WinsOctober 17, 2017In “FIFA”last_img read more