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Oxford SU meeting disrupted by anti-abortion protester

first_imgAn Oxford SU meeting was disrupted last night as an individual attempted to display “distressing content” to the assembled students.Cherwell understands that the disruption occurred as the SU was in the process of renewing its pro-choice policy.The individual shouted, trying and failing to instigate a mass exodus, while also displaying graphic pictures of foetuses.In a mass email, Oxford SU told students: “Some of you may be aware that an incident took place at last night’s student council. An individual student seriously disrupted Council and attempted to display distressing content to the rest of Student Council’s members. This behaviour was deemed unacceptable by the Chair and the individual was therefore removed from the meeting by a member of Oxford SU staff.“In the interest of ensuring our student members are not affected further by this incident, we have made the decision to remove the imagery of the incident from the recording of Student Council, though it is still referenced in the minutes.”“We would like to offer our support to students who were in attendance at council who were adversely affected by the incident, and encourage you to seek support through our independent advice service.”“We have received an apology on behalf of the common room the student is a member of. They have assured Oxford SU that the individual student’s actions are not representative of the common room, and that actions are being taken within the college to hold this individual to account for their behaviour.”last_img read more

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