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It’s a family affair

first_img Comments are closed. It’s a family affairOn 5 Mar 2002 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Article Hostiletakeover bids, multi-million deals, boardroom rows – and all among members ofthe same family. Jane Lewis looks at the unique challenges for HR in dealingwith the dynastiesFamilyfirms are often seen as anachronistic in the faceless, corporate world we thinkwe inhabit. Yet they are the building blocks of the modern economy, accountingfor 75 per cent of the UK’s small businesses and the largest chunk of thecountry’s GDP.Butit would be wrong to assume that family businesses are small-time Joe Bloggs& Son outfits, whose links with a particular family will evaporate as thefirm matures and takes on an identity of its own. This does happen in lots ofcases. Some of the world’s largest and most powerful organisations are run,almost feudally, by their founding families – from the Murdochs, to theWallenbergs (a Swedish dynasty with a finger in most of Europe’s largestcompanies). In the US, companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Marriott andMotorola are family determined, as are a high proportion of South East Asia’selectronic powerhouses.Froma human standpoint, family companies are more interesting than any other kindas they offer a glimpse into the kind of tensions that would normally berehearsed behind closed doors. The emotional squalls of family life are playedout on the public business stage and the stakes are high. Family firms makenatural soap operas, whether played up in Only Fools and Horses or glitzy inDallas.Buteven the most fanciful fictional scenarios look tame when compared to the realthing. Peter Leach, chairman of the Stoy Centre for Family Business, says:  “When a family business I worked fordecided to liquidate part of the firm, the person in charge of that divisioncame to a meeting with an axe and buried it in the desk of his uncle, thechairman.”Thestrong passions that family businesses inspire add a new dimension to the roleof HR within them. And when there are disputes life can get very difficult indeed,says Chris Pierce, deputy director of the Institute of Directors’ professionalstandards department; particularly given the danger that these disputes maytrickle down into the rest of the firm. Sparringand jostling for position is common in any company, but because seniormanagement figures in family firms are frequently larger-than-life figures, theimpact of their actions on the workforce is often stronger. Even when familymembers are no longer in control, their influence can affect the workforce andundermining management. A case in point is Hewlett-Packard, where chiefexecutive Carly Fiorina is at loggerheads with the founders’ descendants, whoretain a major shareholding. The issue at stake is the US$24bn (£17bn) mergerwith Compaq on which Fiorina had staked her career. Giventhe scale of layoffs it necessitated, the deal was unpopular at HP. Thedownsizing programme was going to be tough, but with careful handling from HRthere is no reason why it could not have been managed successfully – until theHewletts and the Packards stepped in. Aghastat the scale of the cuts, they attacked the merger – and were deluged withletters from HP staff attacking Fiorina’s high-handed management. The resultwas immediate internal schism – the stuff of nightmares for any HR department.”Itis difficult for people to challenge the family,” says Rob Yeung,consultant with business psychologists Kiddy & Partners. Because continuityis often a byword in these firms, it can be frustrating for those seeking topush through reform. Evenwhen everything is running smoothly, the chief problem in many firms is thatformalised lines of management are easily blurred. “It can get confusingfor people outside the family circle,” says Pierce. “Managers can getdifferent messages from different family members.”Thisis one reason why HR managers in many smaller family-run firms can experienceproblems when recruiting: many able candidates steer clear of these firms asthey fear their progress – and the ultimate rewards they could get – will beimpeded by the dominance of the family.Althoughthe peculiarly strong passions that family businesses inspire can bedestructive if left to run amok, they can lend an advantage if channelledpositively. One of the chief strengths of such firms is often the personaldrive of individual members. This makes these companies great stayers.Archetypal family firms are much more interested in safeguarding the goose thatlays the golden egg than they are in the eggs themselves. “There is a needfor profits to be made, but the overriding objective is long-termsurvival,” says Pierce. Familyfirms play a long game. “They’re not in it for the short-term quickbuck,” he  – an ethos that suddenlylooks very attractive in the today’s climate of short-term boardroomenrichment. Every business leader wants to hand on a more successful operationthan the one he or she inherited, but in family firms this can become obsessiveas each generation strives to better the one before.Thismay explain the huge number of tycoons – from US media mogul and CNN founderTed Turner to Dixon’s chairman Stanley Kalms – who began by taking a firminherited from their parents and driving it to new heights. In Turner’s case,much of the drive sprang from a need to prove himself to his father, an austereman who disapproved of his son’s youthful excesses and was driven to suicide.It is impossible to assess the impact this had on Turner’s subsequent meteoricrise through corporate America. But it illustrates how family trauma candramatically shape the fortunes of a company.Anotherreason why family firms frequently out-perform other companies, says Leach, isthat succeeding generations of management arrive “imbued with the historyof the business”. If you have spent your childhood surrounded by talk ofthe business, you inherit a feel for the firm and its practices that any newlyrecruited external employee would find difficult to replicate. Thus SteveForbes, chief executive of the eponymous US business publishing giant foundedby his grandfather, has been effectively working for the firm since he was 10,when his father Malcolm put him in a kilt to play the bagpipes at corporatedinners.Althougha leading problem of these companies is the perception that family members,unlike professional managers, have not been properly trained in the world ofbusiness, by any other definition they are experts in their companies with anunparalleled knowledge of internal workings and market space. “Familyfirms often have close ties with the business community they operate in,”says Pierce. As such they are inclined to behave responsibly, both to employeesand the wider community.Manypossess the built-in power to inspire the kind of loyalty in workforces thatmost HR professionals can only dream about. A notable case in point is theScottish soup and jam maker Baxters of Speyside, a fourth-generation companythat has doggedly maintained its independence in the face of 200 takeoveroffers in its 100-year history. Despite the Baxter family’s grip on thebusiness (“the family involvement is crucial to the quality of theproduct,” says managing director Audrey Baxter) many members of itsmanagement team, and its workforce, boast links with the company going backdecades.Thepower of a company’s founding family to inspire employees was demonstrated lastyear at Ford, when chief executive Jacques Nasser (dubbed Jack the Knife forhis aggressive downsizing strategy) was replaced by Henry Ford’s greatgrandson,  William Ford. The reaction tothis appointment among much of the workforce was that things were looking up:as a member of the founding dynasty, Bill Ford had every reason to seek moreimaginative, sustainable solutions than his predecessor. Butthe Ford example highlights one of the main problems that family-owned or runfirms can encounter: namely, the ease that sentimentality can cloud judgement.The bottom line at Ford was that the return of the founding family offered noinstant panacea. The predicament the company faced remained the same, and thedownsizing programme started by Nasser continued unabated. “My honeymoonperiod lasted about a week,” said Bill Ford. Manyargue that the problems thrown up by the involvement of families in modernfirms far outweigh the benefits outlined above and can lead to headaches formanagers. The main issue, says Leach, is the way in which two differentcultures and structures are forced to mingle. “Although there is ahierarchy in a family, the model is based on sharing and equality. That is not truein a business.” Thequestion of succession is perhaps the most glaring anomaly between family-runbusinesses and mainstream opinion, which now insists that the accident of birthhas no place in the modern corporate world. Yet it is amazing how the most incisiveand ruthless business brains can turn mushy on this point. The upshot, saysYeung, is that there is no proper succession management. “Rather than havethe best people in the right jobs, you often end up with the wrong people inthe best jobs.”Thisis not surprising, given the considerable pressure both parties may feel tocontinue the family link. “The business may be so successful, socash-generative and with so much status and power associated with it that thechildren feel trapped into it, when their interests and skills point them inthe opposite direction,” says Yeung. Stanley Kalms has spoken of hissadness that none of his three sons showed an interest in the Dixons brand. ToKalms’ credit, he did nothing to force them, but many parents lack hisforbearance. And one of the chief problems facing the Swiss watch manufacturerSwatch is the question mark hanging over the ability of the founder’s son,Nicolas Hayek – a man wrenched from his career as a film-maker – to run thefirm effectively. So far, according to the Financial Times, “he has hardlybeen a stellar performer”.Theway round the problem, says Yeung, is to enact “a really rigoroussuccession plan” – and it is the responsibility of HR to manage it. Youneed to look at the strengths and weaknesses of all potential candidates,whether family members or not, and review findings on a quarterly basis. Thatway you’ll end up with a good map of who may be suitable. The strongest familyfirms claim they do this as a matter of course. Although the Baxter familyoccupy all the top roles in their company “that was not necessarily goingto be the case,” says Audrey Baxter, who abandoned a career in merchantbanking to join the firm. “We each had to earn our position.”Thesituation for any HR professional looking to bring in new practices isdifficult when more than one generation is involved. “A lot ofprofessional managers are hired by the incoming generation of a family andoften make the mistake of underestimating the power of the older generation. Someof these older members want to be autocratic,” says Baxter.Swatchis a case in point. While nominally in charge of the brand, observers note thatHayek is “all of a tremble” when his septogenerian father is on thephone.Thishas important ramifications for the decision-making process, which in manyfamily-run companies is muddy at the best of times, leaving those outside thecircle confused. “There’s a tendency to set strategy informally overdinner so there are fewer meetings than there should be,” says Pierce. Ifmany members of the family are involved “it may take longer to reach aconsensus”. Another problem, he adds, is the confusion of roles. While thedistinction between shareholders, directors and managers is clear-cut in otherfirms, individuals in family-owned businesses often have difficultydistinguishing between their roles and their sense of ownership means they arefrequently freer with money than they should be.Thesolution to all these issues is greater discipline. Family firms have a greaterneed to establish rigid management structures, unequivocal reporting systemsand clear statements of the reserved powers of boards than other organisation.Non-executive directors also have a key role to play in diffusing thecomplicated emotional issues that can derail a healthy corporate strategy inmany family-owned firms. That’sthe theory anyway. Now who’s got the balls to tell the chairman?Thetrouble with widowsOneof the uncelebrated heroines of last month’s New Year’s Honours List was MargaretBarbour, who was made a Dame for her work in transforming her family’seponymous wax jacket company following the death of her husband John. Butevidence suggests that grieving widows and happy family firms do not generallygo together.TheNew York bond dealing firm Cantor Fitzgerald was recently the subject ofintense sympathy after losing more than 600 of its staff in the 11 Septemberattacks. Before this, the firm was at the centre of one of the dirtiest familyfeuds on Wall Street. The trouble began in 1996 when the firm’s founder BernieCantor died and his protege Howard Lutnick assumed control. Although the twohad enjoyed a father-son type relationship, Cantor’s widow Iris accused Lutnickof betraying the memory of her husband and began waging a battle to oust him.When this proved unsuccessful, she joined forces with a rival firm. Both sidescontinued to sue and counter-sue. Although a judge ruled Iris had”wilfully, recklessly and intentionally” violated her partnershipagreement with Cantor Fitzgerald, she was allowed to retain a US$100m stake init.Butthe business world’s most notorious widow is probably Asia’s richest woman,Nina Wang – chairwoman and 90 per cent shareholder of Hong Kong conglomerateChinachem. She took control of the firm in 1990, following the kidnapping andpresumed murder of her husband Teddy Wang. Nina is renowned for her autocraticmanagement style and hidden reserves of inner steel. She needs them to dealwith her father-in-law, the octogenarian Wang Din-shin, who is bent onregaining control of the family company he founded.Thedispute rests on a will. Wang senior’s claim is based on a 1968 will made byhis son. At first, Nina insisted the will could not be executed because herhusband may not be dead as a body was never found. But when the old man won aprotracted legal battle to declare his son dead, a second will appeared, thistime in Nina’s favour. The charge levelled against her by the family is thatshe forged the will to grab the firm. Others hint at worse. Either way, theacrimonious case continues. Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

Unravelling the relative roles of top-down and bottom-up forces driving population change in an oceanic predator

first_imgIn the open ocean ecosystem, climate and anthropogenic changes have driven biological change at both ends of the food chain. Understanding how the population dynamics of pelagic predators are simultaneously influenced by nutrient-driven processes acting from the “bottom-up” and predator-driven processes acting from the “top-down” is therefore considered an urgent task. Using a state-space demographic model, we evaluated the population trajectory of an oceanic predator, the macaroni penguin (Eudyptes chrysolophus), and numerically assessed the relative importance of bottom-up and top-down drivers acting through different demographic rates. The population trajectory was considerably more sensitive to changes in top-down control of survival compared to bottom-up control of survival or productivity. This study integrates a unique set of demographic and covariate data and highlights the benefits of using a single estimation framework to examine the links between covariates, demographic rates and population dynamicslast_img read more

Brexit fence sitting continues to cool house prices in London, the South and North

first_imgHome » News » Housing Market » Brexit fence sitting continues to cool house prices in London, the South and North previous nextHousing MarketBrexit fence sitting continues to cool house prices in London, the South and NorthNationwide figures reveal a varied picture including prices contiuing to rise in the Midlands, Yorkshire and Northern Ireland.Nigel Lewis2nd October 201802,404 Views House prices in the UK are rising by 2% a year pushing the average to £214,745, the Nationwide has revealed, helped by a more buoyant housing market in August during which prices increased by 0.3%.But the figures mask an ongoing cooling of house prices and a starkly multi-tiered regional performance.Prices in London over the past three months have continued to fall in both inner and outer postcodes by up to 0.7%, the fifth quarter in a row that the capital has experienced a weak property market.But in Northern Ireland, the Midlands and Yorkshire/Humberside prices have been motoring over the past three months, recording increases of 4.3%, 4.8% and 5.8% respectively, although prices in the North are down by 1.7%.“Wales saw a slight softening in growth, with prices up 3.3% year on year,” says Nationwide’s Chief Economist Robert Gardner (left). “Price growth also slowed in Scotland, from 3.1% in Q2 to 2.1%.”The exit vote is not far from many commentators’ lips. The Nationwide’s figures show house price inflation has been sagging since the vote, down from a national average of 5% in June 2016 to 2% today.“For London house prices there may be light at the end of the tunnel,” says Jonathan Hopper, MD of Garrington Property Finders (right). “The only problem is no-one is yet sure if the light is a Brexit-shaped train.“While prices in the capital are still falling, the slide is slowing. But in South East England the capital’s malaise is morphing into stagnation.“At the centre of this increasingly dormant market, in some of the Prime Central areas that were once London’s powerhouse, transaction levels have declined by 40% in the past year alone.”Mark Reading (left), the MD of House Network, says: “The market is showing signs of a national slowdown, with fewer viewings and offers made per property.“As the uncertainty of Brexit drives the UK news, many buyers are still on the fence, creating an increase in price drops, especially at the top end of the market where buyers remain limited.”Read more about house prices and Brexit.house prices mark reading Garrington Property Finders Jonathan Hopper Nationwide house network Robert Gardner October 2, 2018Nigel LewisWhat’s your opinion? Cancel replyYou must be logged in to post a comment.Please note: This is a site for professional discussion. Comments will carry your full name and company.This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.Related articles Letting agent fined £11,500 over unlicenced rent-to-rent HMO3rd May 2021 BREAKING: Evictions paperwork must now include ‘breathing space’ scheme details30th April 2021 City dwellers most satisfied with where they live30th April 2021last_img read more

Pretty Lights Comes Full Circle In New Hampshire At Episodic Festival 9 [Full Video]

first_imgEver since the release of the first Pretty Lights album in 2006, producer Derek Vincent Smith has constantly strived to push his music forward while also staying in touch with his roots. As Smith entered the touring scene almost ten years ago, he performed alone. As his music began to spread and his fame began to build, Smith incorporated a live drummer to add another musical element into his sets. However, this was not the vision Smith had for himself nor his music.Pretty Lights Bans Festival Totem Poles, Boots Totem-Wielding Dude From The Front In New HampshireIn 2013, Smith’s ideas began to truly manifest when he enlisted a full live band into his shows. The live band was dubbed The Analog Future Band and consisted of top-tier musicians, such as Adam Deitch (drums), Eric Krasno (guitar), Borahm Lee (keys), Eric “Benny” Bloom (trumpet), Scott Flynn (trombone), Brian Coogan (keys) and later World Champion turntablist Chris Karns. These artists added a level of depth to Pretty Lights music that fans had never heard before, and it was admired by fans all over.Smith described live shows with the Analog Future Band as, “It was basically my production, my production with the band playing on top of it when we were onstage. That was cool, but it took away from the potential of straight live music, while also taking away from the tightness element of straight produced music.”After playing their last show together in New Orleans at Buku Music and Arts Festival in March of 2016, it was time for Derek Vincent Smith to push the boundaries even further. While most members of the Analog Future Band went back to working on their other musical projects; Chris Karns and key players Borahm Lee and Brian Coogan continued to work with Smith. The only thing that was missing from Smith’s latest project was a drummer, though, this was resolved when previous drummer Adam Deitch introduced Smith to Alvin Ford Jr., his friend and well-respected gospel and funk drummer. Together, these five men sought to entirely change the way electronic music was performed.Under the name Pretty Lights Live, Smith and his new band announced a series of five two-day mini-festivals called Episodic Festivals. The first of these festivals took place in Gilford, New Hampshire, the first weekend of August 2016. Prior to New Hampshire, Pretty Lights Live had only performed once together at HARD Summer Music Festival, which still made them a secret to the vast majority of Pretty Lights fans. The first night of New Hampshire festival, Smith revealed his plans for the future of Pretty Lights music. While the new band performed over the top of produced tracks, they made waves when Smith would cut out the produced tracks and guide the band in making on-the-spot music.This new technique of incorporating improvised music in shows allowed for songs to be jammed out before Smith would transition back into the original track. As with any new band, some mistakes were made as the new band began finding chemistry between one another. Yet, these mistakes were all but forgotten the following night. Pretty Lights Live seemed to improve overnight as they laid down a set that had the entire venue grooving from the moment they opened with a brand-new track, “Don’t Be Surprised,” until the show ended. The future of Pretty Lights had arrived.This past weekend, thousands of people once again found themselves at The Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion for Episode Nine of Pretty Lights’ Episodic Festivals. It had been thirteen months since Pretty Lights Live first came to New Hampshire and much had changed since. Long-time keys player Brian Coogan left the project in September of 2016 and was replaced by New Orleans native and cousin of Alvin Ford Jr., Brandon Butler. There was a shared feeling of nostalgia amongst fans being back at the venue where Smith’s vision was seen and felt for the first time by his devoted community, better known as the Pretty Lights Family.Night One of this weekend’s Episodic Festival in New Hampshire showcased just how much Pretty Lights Live has grown in the past year. As Smith and company took the stage, New Hampshire erupted in smiles and applause. Kicking off night one with a crowd favorite, “Keep Em Bouncin’,” Pretty Lights Live had the place jumping from the start. The band wasted no time in showing off their signature style as they switched into an improv jam. In the spirit of improvisation that was rampant throughout the first night, Smith demonstrated his freestyling abilities as he rapped over several songs including a new track, “The Rhythm is Invisible.”Jaws continued to drop throughout the venue as Pretty Lights Live continued to impress. The improv jams lead into beautiful transitions between tracks that won’t likely be heard again, as the musicians seemingly possess an infinite combination of playing styles. Derek Vincent Smith showed his true understanding of music theory during the end of night one’s performance while the band was performing the always-funky, “If I Gave You My Love.” During this song, Smith and Pretty Lights Live perfectly executed a “Circle of Fifths,” a sequence of pitches or key tonalities, represented as a circle, in which the next pitch is found seven semitones higher than the last. They took one of the main chords from “If I Gave You My Love” and jammed around these increasing pitches creating the most melodic and unique version of the song to date. Following this, Pretty Lights Live closed out the first night with the highly energetic “I Can See It In Your Face” that left fans eager for what was to come the following night.Setlist: Pretty Lights Live | The Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion | Gilford, New Hampshire | 9/15/2017Setlist: Keep Em Bouncin, Summer’s Gone, Rhythm is Invisible, You Get High, Jam&gt > High School Art Class, New, All of the Lights, Exodus > freestyle, So Bright, One Day They’ll Know, Everything in it’s Right Place, Ask Your Friends, Let the World Hurry By, Hot Like Sauce, A Million Tomorrows, Hot Like Dimes, Drift Away, Is There Any Love, Lonesome Street, My Only Hope remix >, Finally Moving, If I Gave You My Love, I Can See It in Your Face Night two of New Hampshire picked up almost immediately where night one had left off. Smith and the band have been in the studio working on their next album and have been playing this new material. New material was played frequently during night two, and the show opened with one of these new tracks, “The Sun Spreads In Our Minds,” featuring a dazzling display of Alvin Ford Jr.’s drumming abilities. The crowd was ecstatic. Smith even played a song made by his younger brother entitled, “There Must Be Love,” which had the crowd swaying. Other new material that was performed this weekend included “Rainbows and Waterfalls”, “Eternalessly” and “I Believe In Miracles.” On top of the new material, Pretty Lights Live also played many Pretty Lights classics, almost personifying the new mantra of Smith—“Taking it forward while taking it back”.I would be remiss to leave out that lighting designer Greg “Lasershark” Ellis has been adopting this new improv philosophy to his already impeccable visual art. As the band freestyles, he is forced to match them. He has continued to add new elements to his work giving fans something new to marvel at every week. The entire Pretty Lights crew refuses to settle or maintain levels of success. This weekend was just another piece of evidence that they only wish to get better even after a successful eleven-year career.Perhaps the biggest highlight of night two occurred when “Don’t Be Surprised” was once again played for the people in attendance. The previous year was the first time the song had ever been played, and it had set the entire crowd into a frenzy. This year was no different, though the song itself was. There were new vocals and instrumentals added, which gave the number a new feel and sound. This is truly the magic behind the workings of Pretty Lights Live. They continue to work on songs and evolve them during their live shows so that the experience of seeing them is always incomparable.The energy in New Hampshire on night two could be seen and heard from all people in the venue. Squeals of joy flew through the air as others proceeded to smack on the chairs in the seated section, creating a thunderous sound that flooded down towards the stage. When the show ended, Smith, Lee, Ford Jr., Karns and Butler all took to the front of the stage and bowed as they were greeted by loving cheers from a fully satisfied crowd. For those who attended the previous year, seeing how well the band plays together now is truly remarkable.Setlist: Pretty Lights Live | The Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion | Gilford, New Hampshire | 9/16/2017Set: The Sun Spreads in Our Minds, It Must Be Love, The Time Has Come, Always All Ways > Remix, Reel 5 Break 3 > Looking For Love (But Not So Sure), Shinning Bright Despite The Plight, World of Illusion >, Don’t Be Surprised, Fly Like AN Eagle, All I’ve Ever Known Remix >, Press Pause Remix, Can’t Contain It, Understand Me Now, Sweet Long Life > Remix, Color of My Soul Remix, Rainbows and Waterfalls, Change Is Gonna Come, Freestyle Jam, Summer Love, Eternalessly, Up and Down I Go, I Know the Truth, Aussie Tape, Freestyle Jam, I Believe in MiraclesEach stop they hit, Pretty Lights Live continues to impress both fans of old and new. The sights and sounds of a Pretty Lights show can be explained, but there is a feeling that you must be there to truly understand. Much like Deadheads or Phans, the Pretty Lights Family has embraced the spirit of travel and connectivity that unites music lovers. This connection brings people together on an intimate level as life-long friends and memories are made. The Episodic Festival has given tens of thousands of fans the chance to experience this phenomenon.Derek Vincent Smith commented on this on both nights of New Hampshire, “With these musicians right here, experimenting with music every night with y’all and seeing where it goes, it’s taught me a lot. Y’all have taught me a lot…. There’s some kind of mystical expansion of consciousness that takes place at these events.”[photo via @caitfalcphotography]last_img read more

Dylan Donahue, Brandon Mullins and Ben Williams earn preseason All-ACC honors

first_imgSyracuse attack Dylan Donahue, defender Brandon Mullins and midfielder/face-off specialist Ben Williams were named to the preseason All-Atlantic Coast Conference team by ACC coaches, the conference announced Monday.The Orange was voted to finish third, tied with Virginia. Notre Dame was selected to finish first, followed by Duke. North Carolina was picked to finish in last.SU was also came in eighth place in Inside Lacrosse’s preseason poll, which was released last week.Syracuse is coming off a season in which it went 13-3 but lost in the quarterfinals of the NCAA tournament to John’s Hopkins, 16-15. The Orange lost five of its top six scorers from last season due to graduation, with Donahue being the only returner in that group.Mullins, Williams and Donahue were named to the United States Intercollegiate Lacrosse Associations’ first, second and third teams, respectively, last season.AdvertisementThis is placeholder textHere’s a look at the rest of the All-ACC preseason team:Attack — Donahue, senior, SyracuseAttack — Luke Goldstock, junior, North CarolinaAttack — Matt Kavanagh, senior, Notre DameMidfield — Deemer Class, senior, DukeMidfield — Myles Jones, senior, DukeMidfield — Sergio Perkovic, junior, Notre DameDefense — Mullins, senior, SyracuseDefense — Matt Landis, senior, Notre DameDefense — Austin Pifani, junior, North CarolinaGoalkeeper — Matt Barrett, junior, VirginiaFace-off specialist — Williams, junior, SyracuseLong-stick midfield — Michael Howard, junior, VirginiaShort-stick midfield — Tate Jozokos, junior, North Carolina Comments Facebook Twitter Google+ Published on December 14, 2015 at 12:24 pm Contact Paul: [email protected] | @pschwedslast_img read more

Natalie Slater to represent Donegal in overseas modelling competition

first_imgMiss Teen Donegal is hoping to bring the crown and sash home to Donegal after the final of Miss British Isles in the UK later this month.18-year-old Milford woman Natalie Slater is competing in the Miss Teen category, where young women aged between 14 and 18 will take part in three rounds including a swimwear, cocktail wear and evening wear.The winner of each category will win a cool £1,500 and a full modelling contract, with the overall winner scooping £3,000. Speaking to Donegal Woman, Natalie says that it would be incredible to win as signing a modeling contract has always been a dream of hers.“It’s such a brilliant feeling to be selected as a finalist for this contest. I’m really excited for it and it’s taking place in a few weeks.“Modelling is definitely something I’ve always had an interest in. I’ve done different types of modelling in the past too, and walked for the Galway Fashion Network’s Design Show. I grew up watching a lot of the “Next Top Model” series so I guess my inspiration kind of took off from there! It’s always been a dream of mine.“Signing a modelling contract would be a really big opportunity for me. Especially this one as it has so many agency connections all over the United Kingdom and the people who run the contest are really quite lovely. They are connected to the UK Directory of Models so they have agency connections all over the UK.” NatalieNatalie has taken part in competitions like this before, being a finalist in Top Model Ireland during the last cycle, and representing her home county as Miss Teen Donegal in the Ireland Pageants.“The Top Model Ireland Competition was my first introduction to modelling. It was an amazing experience that really gave me the opportunity to be trained by industry professionals such as model coach Audrey O’Neil and a past winner of UK Top Model Kate O’Sullivan.”Amongst Natalie’s idols are Yves Saint Laurent front-woman Staz Lindes, and Cork model Clara McSweeney.“Models that inspire me would be Staz Lindes because I think that she loves modelling as a job, takes her career professionally, and she’s really into taking care of her health and well-being. I also find Clara McSweeney really inspiring as she is an Irish model who is currently working in New York.Natalie explains that a superb combination of personality, beauty, and brains is key to winning the coveted crown. “I have no set strategy for wowing the judges. I think I just want to be prepared for the competition and have all of my outfits ready for each round of the contest and just go from there. I think they’ll be judging finalists based on their walk and overall potential as a Miss British Isles winner for this contest.“The contest is registered with the UK Directory of Models so it gives you a lot of connections over the UK to modelling agencies and the winner is entitled to a years worth of photography, appearances and a contract. It would be a real opportunity to win it because of everything that’s included in the competition.”Natalie also expressed gratitude to her sponsors, friends and family for the support.Watch this space! Natalie Slater to represent Donegal in overseas modelling competition was last modified: June 14th, 2017 by Elaine McCalligShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:miss british islesmiss teen donegalnatalie slaterlast_img read more

Celebrating 40 days to World Cup: Flagging South Africa

first_img2010 FIFA World Cup™ celebrations ‘flagged’through launch of national flag pledge radiothon.1 May 2010, Johannesburg – Brand South Africa marks today’s 40 days to the kick off of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ with the launch of a national ‘Fly the Flag’ challenge through which companies and individuals can pledge to buy, distribute and fly the national flag. This 40 day flag pledge will continue into the 30 day countdown potentially, and will provide every South African with a flag to fly – shaping the Nation’s celebrations.As of Saturday 1st May, South Africans can make their flag pledge/s by SMSing the word ‘flag’ to 32175 and thereby “celebrate the first time the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ is being held on African soil,” said Sophie Masipa, Marketing Manager of the International Marketing Council of South Africa, custodian of Brand South Africa. “It is our quest to literally ‘Flag’ South Africa.”Brand South Africa is further celebrating the 40 day milestone with a fly-by of the South African Air Force helicopter pulling the national flag within each of the host cities, various street corner activations and diski dance activations at taxi ranks and shopping malls.“We want to see our national flag, a symbol of unity and hope for future generations, flown far and wide across the country. From building wraps to office park entrances and in our neighbourhoods, we want to paint the nation with pride through our country’s most visual representation,”s he said. Masipa also urged government departments, provinces, host cities and municipalities to fly the flag with pride.Masipa added that the initiative is a demonstration that the national flag is for every South African – a representation of our people no matter where we live in the world, regardless of background and without relevance to personal beliefs.“Our flag unites us all under a common future and makes us a strong nation,” she said. “It is representative of our future aspirations as a nation.”As hosts of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™, South Africans and Africans are on the eve of welcoming thousands of potential Brand SA advocates to our country and continent. South Africans can demonstrate their support for the Nation Brand by joining in celebrations such as these, through which we are welcoming the world to our country.Other South African mobilisation campaigns include Football Friday, The People’s Bus and the Diski Dance. “It is imperative that we actively show our support for our national football team, Bafana Bafana – a South African brand ambassador representing us on the World Cup’s centre stage,” concluded Masipa.Suppliers Contact Details: 1. Company Name:0 Name:Tel:Email:Ikamva Contract Publishing CCMs. Karen Lundie011 431 0322/ 082 [email protected] 2. Company Name:Name:Tel:Email:National FlagMarc Coetzee011 887 0143/ 082455 [email protected] 3. Company Name:Name:Tel:Email:Stone Moon DesignUnathi Rafu011 462 1753/ 082 830 [email protected] 4. Company Name:Name:Tel:Email:GMD Products & Graphic Design CCLombe Chalungumana011 338 6248/ 076 325 [email protected] 5. Company Name:Name:Tel:Email:Head Masters (PTY) LTDMr. Ivan Lazarus011 626 [email protected] 6. Company Name:Name:Tel:Email:Gift Wrap TradingAletia Van Niekerk012 998 [email protected]last_img read more

Be #Inspired by 197 of the Best #Geocache Hides

first_imgJust Follow the Favorite Points to the #OMGeocacheThere’s a difference between finding a good geocache and finding a geocache that makes your jaw drop, racks up the Favorite Points, and inspires geocachers around the world. We call these #OMGeocaches.Fortunately, finding these geocaches isn’t too hard. You can see some for yourself on the Geocaching Pinterest board with 197 Creative Geocache Hides. Every week, the blog features one of these geocaches as Geocache of the Week. And when you’re ready to find one in the wild, Geocaching Premium members can sort by Favorite Points on the new search page.What’s the best #OMGeocache you’ve ever found? Post it on our Facebook page.(Hier kannst Du den Artikel auf Deutsch lesen)Creative Hides on the Geocaching Pinterest board SharePrint RelatedGroundspeak Weekly Newsletter – July 13, 2011July 13, 2011In “Groundspeak’s Weekly Newsletter”Groundspeak Weekly Newsletter – October 27, 2011October 28, 2011In “Groundspeak’s Weekly Newsletter”DIY: How to Hide like You’ve Never Hidden BeforeSeptember 8, 2013In “Community” Share with your Friends:Morelast_img read more

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